Fashion Apps

From digital closets to dress up games, there are literally thousands of amazing fashion applications in the Android Marketplace. So whether you’re new to fashion or a diehard Fashionista, you’ll be able to find an application that’s perfect for you. Here’s a list of some of the incredible fashion applications you can find in the Android Marketplace.

Covet Fashion

Fashion Apps

This highly addictive fashion game features a multiplayer function as well as a number of contests for you to play.

Fashion Design Star

With this adorable game, you can pretend to be a fashion designer and create your own life.

Fashion Story

In this game, you pretend to be a Posh Boutique owner.

Fashion Empire Boutique Sims

This fabulous dress up SIM lets you dress up and shop for clothing.

My Dressing Digital Closet

With this digital closet that you can upload pictures of your actual closet so you’ll always have your outfit organized and on a digital platform, this is perfect for people who have multiple homes and therefore various closets.

Beauty Idol

Beauty Idol combines the typical dress up fashion game with anime characters, making it a must have for anime fans.

Fashion Ideas

Fashion ideas is a database application that houses thousands of fashion ideas.  With this a helpful application you’ll never be at a loss for outfit inspiration.

Barbie Design Maker

In this adorable application, you and your child can create stylish clothing for Barbie. And if you like this application be sure to download the ones for Monster High, Hello Kitty and Ever After High as well.  All these can provide endless hours of fun for you and your little one.

Fashion Closet

This app features an incredible list of thousands of different brands and designers. With this useful application, you will always know which brands and designers are popular and which ones are new on the scene.

Now that you know some of the amazing fashion apps that are available on the Android marketplace be sure to download them to your internet capable device today. And to find all the latest fashion trends and styles be sure to visit macys.com. And for incredible deals on Macy’s fashions and much more be sure to visit groupon.com.

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