Everything You Wanted To Know About Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic seals are a kind of sealing that is used in pneumatic valves and cylinders. The pneumatic cylinder is actuated by either gas or air at different pressure levels; you can change the pressure level as per your desire. A pneumatic cylinder that is powered by air needs to make use of the high-quality seals in order to maintain the specific pressure level and ensure safety against ruptures and leaks.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Pneumatic Seals

These types of seals are also used in reciprocating or rotary motion pneumatic devices. However, if you want to use the seal for such application you need to remember that they are designed to handle extreme high-pressure conditions like the one that are found in hydraulic devices. If you want to use this type of seal for hydraulic devices then it is highly recommended that you first consult the distributor or the supplier of the seals so as to ensure that you use the right type of seal for the right application to avoid any unnecessary leakage problems.

The pneumatic seals are created as single and double acting seals to suit the different applications that have different configurations. Some of the most common types of pneumatic seals are – O-rings, static seals, wipers, V cups, U-cups, a rotary shaft, gaskets and backup rings. The pneumatic seals are manufactured in a variety of materials. The choice of material is determined by the nature of application in which the seal is going to be used.

Some of the most important aspects of pneumatic seals that you must know are:

This type of seal is known for efficiency in creating a tight seal even with having least amount of lubrication or when they are exposed to air.

The pneumatic seal is best suited to be used in low pressure and high-speed applications.

The pressure handling ranging varies from a pound force of 1psi to 150psi. The pressure range of the pneumatic seals is not as high as the hydraulic seals.

It is not possible to manufacture pneumatic seals with a single material or composites. Composite seals feature a combination of more than one material. This is mainly done to optimize the efficiency of the seal so that it is better suited for the application in which it is used.

The seals that are designed for the pneumatic applications are available in different orientations including symmetrical, axial, external and internal.

Today, there are several brands that manufacture high-quality pneumatic seals. It is advisable that you invest only in a finest quality seal to ensure the safety and security of the applications. Seal failures are known to cause severe damage.


The applications of this type of seal range from a high-end rocket that is used for space missions to aerospace and automotive engines. They are also widely used in vacuum applications and oil and refinery industry.

This type of seal is of great significance for military applications, the high-grade seals have the capacity to withstand the wear and tear of extreme applications.