Electrical Testers That Talk To Your iPhone Or Android Smartphone

Even though modern electrical and environmental test equipment utilises the latest technology to deliver quick, reliable and accurate results, this hasn’t stopped one of the industry’s biggest names from developing yet another up to the minute solution.

Last year, Fluke launched Connect, a test and measurement system designed specifically for smartphones, which features wireless capability and a dedicated app to capture and share data. After carrying out a test, your measurement data is sent straight to your mobile device and then uploaded to a secure cloud account with 24/7 access.

Seeing as we rely on smartphones for almost everything else in daily life, the prospect of using electrical testers that talk to your iPhone or Android might not feel overly strange to many. But how does Fluke Connect work and what can it do? Here with a look at this system is electrical test equipment specialists Instrotech.

Electrical Testers That Talk To Your iPhone Or Android Smartphone

How does it Work?

Fluke Connect uses Bluetooth, which is already built-in to a range of new test meters, to communicate with the free smartphone app. After registering, you will also be given 5GB of secure cloud storage at no extra cost.

Pairing your test equipment and smartphone is actually quite straightforward, as each meter has a dedicated button to activate the wireless transmitter, which the app will communicate with automatically.

As soon as you take a measurement on your meter, this data is captured by the app in real-time and then sent to the cloud. Up to 20 meters can be connected to the app simultaneously, with each one receiving its own unique ID number, which can also be renamed.

What can it do?

  • Enable safe working distances – Due to its wireless nature, you can take measurements from a distance of around 20 metres. This is useful for hard to reach areas or when meters need to be locked inside a cabinet.
  • Capture digital images – Using your smartphone’s digital camera, you can add images to your reports and show where measurements need to be taken.
  • Allow for simple data logging – Within the app it is possible to set-up logging intervals and durations, with data being directly downloaded to your smartphone.
  • Trend monitoring – You can add voice and text annotations as well as thermal images to the saved data for greater trend monitoring.
  • Communicate with colleagues – In addition to the easily accessible cloud data, you can also call fellow team members within the app.
  • Show measurement history – This is bound to come in handy when analysing problems or producing measurement reports.
  • View and edit thermal images – These can also be shared with colleagues alongside historical data for comparison analysis.
  • Easy data presentation – It is easy to print off reports or present data in real time on your smartphone screen. Data can also be emailed to desktops for printing reports.
  • Facilitate single and three phase monitoring – With the clamps connected, you can assign them to L1, L2, and L3 as required.

With Fluke Connect, electrical testing becomes a more accurate and efficient process. Lines of communication between colleagues are also improved and prolonged problem solving can become a thing of the past.

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