Discover and Hire Talented Engineers Using An Online Technical Recruitment Tool

Smart organizations are aware that their success depends on their talented workers, so they prioritize to find the best ones for their company. Technology plays a vital part in way technology companies approach talent search and recruitment process.

Resumes are slowly being replaced by individual experiences, dexterity and talent that exist merely in digital realm. For screening, innovative tools make use of social media and other technologies to get tremendous insight among individual job seekers.

Discover and Hire Talented Engineers Using An Online Technical Recruitment Tool

Online Sourcing & Talent Assessment Platform

To overcome recruitment challenges coder interview tools are made available on digital sourcing & assessment platform. It helps organizations to tap talents with automated coded challenges.

Features of Tech Recruiting Tools


Create a custom competition that reflects your brand and specific recruitment needs. Craft a customised and thrilling code challenge for your niche to attract myriads of web developers.

Broadcast of the competition is organized by the digital sourcing & assessment platform. In this manner, companies can discover hidden gems. Using challenges allow businesses to get developers insights, which reflect their level of skills more accurately in comparison to creatively written resume.


  • Create – You can either create a difficult cold challenge, on your own or select one from the online platform. There are thousands of in-built challenges. You even get to select from 35 programming languages to solve the challenges along with six computer science domains. The interested candidates will complete trial challenges with real developer tools.
  • Invite – Send invitation directly from the online sourcing platform or through incorporated ATS platforms. Insert your organizations career page
  • Review – Submissions are automatically scored and ranked along with timeline of submission. You just have to download the report that includes key insights of top performers. Reports include detailed unit test results, code diffs, percentile charts, as well as video playback of the complete session. Ultimately, you get a projecting measure of the candidate’s technical skills.


Using one of the best computer engineers interview tool, you can conduct interview via chat, video or voice. Watching your candidate code live can make your technical hiring effort efficient.

Why Companies Love Online Technical Recruitment Tool?

  • Instant validation – In-built code-checker evaluates the try out solutions in real-time because it includes a compilation of 30 languages.
  • Create question beforehand – This aspect of storing best questions in the library allows you to easily ask them during phone interview.
  • Real-time assessment – A candidates coding process gets unfolded, while interviewing. It thus helps to evaluate their approach, problem-solving techniques and communication skills.
  • Interview analytics – Compare performances of candidates in each stage of hiring funnel, thus you can monitor the success rates.

Lytmus is an online platform that allows engineers to show their skills in realistic settings and provide their best performance to probable employers. They give equal chance to employers and job seekers. Candidates complete live projects using real-world developer tools and prove their technical proficiency. Employers get the most talented candidate for the job.

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