Different Types Of Search Engine Marketing Strategies And Its Mechanism

SEM or search engine marketing is a process, which helps to attain visibility on search engines and organic traffic.  Search engine marketing has become a significant component of digital marketing plan.

Different Types Of Search Engine Marketing Strategies And Its Mechanism

Aim of SEM

The main aim of SEM strategy is to direct traffic towards your site with an intention of converting visitors to consumers. Using SEM, you can make your brand website listed on the first page on search engine ranking. Generally, majority of internet users look at the first search result page only.

There are 3 types of search engine marketing strategies. They all include a same search component but each one comprises of different tasks, expectations, and goals.

Types of Searches

  • Organic search
  • Paid search
  • Local search

Organic Search

Organic search is the focus of digital marketing campaign. SEO is actually the foundation of organic search. Organic or free or natural search are the ones that have least control. These are attained, when search engines rank your website on the first page, after evaluating the web pages using an array of algorithms. People trust these results, very much.

Today, there are innumerable content and blogs written to get high rankings. So you will need to understand the basic SEO suggestions like compelling content, web page optimization, keyword selection, social sharing, and inbound links.

The core is actually the content, means it needs to be engaging and entertaining that can go viral. The secret to write content is to give solutions to target audience queries. Actually, the prospects ask question when they are performing a search.

Paid Search

Getting top SERP is time consuming, so beginners of SEM campaign find it difficult to attain decent ranking naturally. Even businesses with lots of competition in their niche struggling to get visibility can invest in paid SEM. Paid services allow you to control search placement, so you get results more quickly.  For example, Adwords is the most admired paid search engine platform. Your ads appear on the top page or on the right side of search result. The cost will depend largely on your eagerness to pay.

The most appealing thing about Adwords is that you pay only when someone clicks your ad (PPC), so it is called pay per click. Placement will be based on price, ad quality, and informative landing page. Pricing will differ ranging from five cents to fifty dollar per click. It depends on the competition level in the market.

Other kinds of paid SEM are ads on social channels and banner ads. Find more at http://genwebmarketing.com/

Local Search

Local search means getting visible for searchers in local area. It is similar to natural search including free listings but you cannot control Google’s decision for rankings. Expect tough competition for marketing in broad region.

Take some simple steps to influence local search results on search engines like business declaration on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In addition, your business name, address and contact number has to be same on every submissions.

Submit on different online directories and encourage consumers to leave their reviews online. Positive reviews indicate you will be more likely to top the search results.

It is not necessary to engage all these SEM forms. Usually, a combination on business needs and goal is recommended.

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