Different Kinds Of Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting gives your website or online store a presence so that it can viewed by the public all over the world. There are many different kinds of web hosting providers who can tailor and provide customised solutions according to your needs.

Different Kinds Of Web Hosting

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

As mentioned before, web hosting is a service that helps to propel your website onto the internet and make it viewable to the public. While you can be the host of your website, it is better to go with a reputed web hosting provider as they will provide customised solutions. When you visit a website, your computer gets connected to another computer which then sends files to your web browser which in turns is shown as a web page. There are many different types of web hosting like cpanel web hosting Australia, shared hosting and cloud hosting.

  •  cPanel web hosting-This is an affordable and great hosting solution with great features. This will suit many  web hosting requirements. It comes with a range of powerful and simple tools that perform important tasks      quickly and efficiently. You can manage web content and access email accounts easily through this platform.
  • Shared hosting– This hosting is usually suitable for new websites as irs the most cost –effective way to start your own website. Your site is placed on a server with other websites so you are able to share the resources.
  • VPS hosting– This type of hosting is suitable for more advanced users and those with specific needs which is not available with shared hosting. Like shared hosting your website is placed on a server but the servers contain less websites on the whole. This hosting also comes with admin/root access so you are able to get to its own operating system.
  • Devoted serversOn these platforms, your website is on a full server as it is not shared by other websites or users. This also comes with full admin/root access. This platform is recommended for websites that are really popular and have built a trusted customer base with lots of traffic. This also has customised solutions not available in a shared hosting service.
  • Reseller hosting– This web hosting is made for webmaster or those that want to market their own web hosting platform. It is great for those with many websites and it makes managing multiple sites easier with one control platform.
  • Cloud hostingThis is a new hosting that boosts Virtual hosting services by taking advantage of multiple facets to provide users with better performance and capability. You have the freedom to choose from several types of cloud services and can choose to go for full or partial hosting services. This option reduces extra costs like purchasing hardware or paying for experienced IT staff. This can be a great help to smaller businesses as they can share their resources without the need for splurging on extra equipment or staff. You can get the quality for a fraction of the cost.

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