Designing Print Ads vs. Online Ads

When it comes to advertising in the 21st century, every business owner has to think about whether they’ll spend their money on marketing in the form of traditional print ads or online ads. And this can be a particularly difficult decision to make because there are many perks that come with each form of advertising.

To help you determine what type of advertising would be ideal and most effective for your company’s budget and expectations, continue reading for a look at what it takes to design a print ad versus an online ad.

Designing Print Ads vs. Online Ads

Print Ads are Static and Can Be Restrictive

While a print ad can really be attention-grabbing when done well and when published in a magazine or displayed prominently on a billboard or on the side of a bus, it can also prove to be quite restrictive. You only have a static image to work with, so you need to figure out how to grab people’s attention with this one image, and that can be really tough.

In addition, a print ad can’t have a lot of text. You need to figure out what your message is and use as few words as possible. Again, if people are speeding down a highway and looking up at a billboard, they won’t be able to read it, so you’ll need to use large type and a short phrase to get your point across. This requires a lot of creativity, and you need to figure out what tone you should use to tell people what your company is all about.

Ultimately, for a great print ad, you’ll need a clear message, the right colour scheme and type, and print-friendly media or images that will display property in whatever size the ad will be.

Online Ads Need to Really Be Attention-Grabbing

Internet ads can be really boring, and they’re often overlooked as annoying things on the sides of a computer screen or mobile device screen. Therefore, when it comes to designing an online ad, you really need to decide what tactics are most effective. Will you incorporate a video? Will you incorporate professional photographs or Instagram style photos?

Designing an online ad also needs to be done in a way that will really capture your target audience’s attention. After all, if you’re going to be advertising on a major website, for example, you need to ensure that your ad will appeal to the right audience. And with so many people visiting sites all over the internet, this can be really hard. Hiring the right company, such as Videonations, that specialises in digital signage can really help you hone in on what your digital ad truly needs to stand out from the rest.

Choose One or Both Forms of Advertising

In the end, it’s entirely up to you to decide which type of advertising you want to pursue for your business. Designing both print and online ads come with their own challenges, but there are professionals out there who can help you if you find it too difficult to do in-house.

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