Datacenter Mobile Management Apps For iPhone And iPad

With the evolution and rapid expansion of Datacenters across the United States, and elsewhere, there is also the simultaneous need for Data Center operators to adapt new IT techniques in performing all kinds of data center needed tasks. New iPhone and iPad Apps can indeed play a great role in ability of operators to perform some critical functions through their mobile devices. Some of the mobile device management tools for Data Centers may be used in such areas as discovery, information and Planning categories. This article discusses some of the new Data Center management tools for iPhones and iPads.


This relatively new discovery from IO data center management is a planning tool for Data Center management which can help Data Center infrastructure managers to carry out needed investigative functions on the IO’s line of products through their iPhones and iPads. IO APP tool offers Data Center operators with the ability to perform needed functions through augmented reality. This tool can also assist Data Center Operators with ability to display their data center equipment information on their iPad or iPhone screens, as needed.

Datacenter Mobile Management Apps For iPhone And iPad


OpManager is designed to capture SNPC messages and offering operators with the opportunity to display such data on their dashboard. This App is able to track your Data Center system, and helps keep track of your devices’ uptime. It can quickly notify the system administrators of their Data center uptime discrepancies and outage problems.OpManagers additionally can help track Exchanges, Domain controllers, Hyper-V hosts, VMware, and also to monitor the router infrastructure. Data Center operators can generate network maps and can also custom draw maps as the case may be, using a background of either on country, state or regional basis. This APP is customized for IPad and iPhone mobile devices.

Quest Big Brother

Quest Big Brother offers great software for Data Center Management. It is adaptable APP for Data Center Management, used in monitoring services such as SMTP, SSH, FTP, TELNET, and HTTP. The monitored data are auto displayed on your dashboard when your device is prompted to do so, for any of your devices already configured for such services. This software can also be installed on your client’s workstation, or on your server. The Quest Big brother can be used to monitor the internal statistics of your Data Center such as CPU memory. It can also be used to monitor the level of your disk usage. This App is available and customized for both iPhone and iPad.

Struxure Ware Software

This App is customized for iPhone and iPad, it is used to monitor and display Data Center Rack Usage information, Power usage, Cooling information, and Network information. The StruxureWare displays the data pertaining to the Rack Space current usage compared to the total capacity of the system, on the dashboard for any of the monitored units. The Struxure Ware can perform these functions with the ability to project system capacities over any specific time period such as weekly, monthly or yearly basis, and can draw and illustrate the data through a graphic display on the dashboard screen.

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