Current SEO Trends Need To Be Understood For Better UX Metrics And Brand Awareness

SEO has always been a crucial element for driving traffic towards your website. However, many aspects which worked in the past for this strategy are the cause of penalty today. Due to this many people feel SEO is history and feel confused about adding it to their online marketing strategy.

How SEO has changed?

Current SEO Trends Need To Be Understood For Better UX Metrics And Brand Awareness

Just like the past, today SEO is the main element of your website visibility. It is a special knowledge about manipulating major search engines rankings using intelligent hush-hush strategies. Businesses have enhanced their profits using SEO strategies.

Google has released a simulated intelligence system called Rank Brain. It deciphers Hummingbird updates to understand the seekers unclear and difficult questions, so as to give them appropriate results. The questions are analyzed according to the seekers intention rather than keywords.

Search results generally include more related information like maps, price ranges, reviews and others. Websites that offer best user experience wins Google’s reward.

Content is indexed in different ways. For example tweets are displayed as content in relevant searches. Thus, SEO has turned out to be an active, multifaceted online marketing tool. Every online marketer needs to be skillful and expert in this subject.

How SEO works as marketing tool?

A reliable SEO company applies the best strategies and gets accredited with high position and improvement in organic traffic. These both are indicators of efficient performance of applied SEO strategy.

Better ranking means high visibility + better user experience + credibility & trust = High conversion rates.

Let’s understand the main aspects that help to attain good SEO, especially today. UX metrics or user experience metrics is crucial, according to Google algorithms. How to drive traffic towards your website is a big question.

Factors vital are –

  • CTR (Click-through-rate) on SERP results
  • Brand searches
  • Product searches with keywords
  • Good UX metrics
  • Traffic

How to enhance these factors?

  • Increase your brand awareness to get better CTR
  • Apply social media both paid and organic to improve brand awareness.
  • Write high quality content and blogs to attain wide exposure.
  • Through blogs and articles convey a strong message to promote the advantages of product or services provided. Give them reason why you differ or why they must use your brand. This will build credibility for your brand and seekers will come in search of your product/services
  • Quality video added to your site helps viewers to stay longer to watch it, thus staying more time on your website
  • Good internal page linking structure allows visitors to navigate easily from page to page on your website increasing average duration session as well as page per session.
  • Mobile optimization of your website will also enhance UX metrics
  • A/B splitting test helps to adjust the website design and structure
  • Adwords campaign has the potential to direct traffic towards your site
  • Use Google’s local results to create brand awareness
  • Offline ads can also impact your online searches and recognition

SEO is non-stop long-term strategy, which needs you to determine a budget for developing and improving it. Good budget will be needed for quality link building, video, & blog creation as well as plan new actions for UX improvements.

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