5 Ways To Make Your Backlinks Even More Powerful

Building links is a lot like building a bridge. The more links your site has the better you are at building and sustaining rank. We push constantly push for more links. Keeping them new and ever better. However, sometimes we let the ones we already have slip away into the oblivion.

5 Ways To Make Your Backlinks Even More Powerful

We really should be checking all our past and current links for support. That means trying to improve on what you already have. There are a lot of effective ways of making your backlinks even more powerful.

1. Adding Internal Links

More times than not, you yourself oversee your site. You will likely know your site well enough to determine which sub-pages are your strongest.

It’s good to start with these pages first. The goal is to add more internal links within these pages. This will provide your links with some much-needed added power to link to other areas of your site. A creative anchor text to these links is crucial. Make sure it eye-catching but relevant to the content. You want these users to want to click that mouse to that next link.

2. New Domain for Links

Only 301 re-direct links have been a staple in the SEO community, recent information has suggested that it is increasingly possible to lose rankings when using 301 re-directs. What was once a sure-fire way of building strong backlinks, has developed into a game of Russian roulette.

The good part is this doesn’t spell the end of your links. To the contrary. The best way to build of more power to your existing links is by communicating with other sites that have been linking your content. Supply them with your new domains, they’ll be able to swap domains from your existing links on their site to the new ones. This will assure your links are not lost and land safely back to your site.

3. Social Media Influence

Don’t even give this one a second thought. Social media platforms are instrumental in heling your site build powerful backlinks. These services give you a free way to build backlinks.

Start with the basics. Adding links within your company’s bio page on each social outlet. That makes it so when everyone click your company they have direct access to your site or content on your site.

Next look to expand upon this. Start posting about articles and blog posts. That can be in so many forms depending on which media outlet. You can share pictures on the topic with a link to it. Post a status about it, even adding captions to videos you upload, or even references in within the comments potion of yours and other similar posts.

Don’t forget to not overproduce content. It will come off as spam to most people. Be liberal with it. Also, pay attention to user’s comments and input on your content. Everyone likes to see hands on people adding to a user’s experience.

4. Fix 404 Links

There’s nothing worse for your site than a user’s who finds a link to your site, clicks on it and get the dreaded 404 error. When your links breakdown its extremely detrimental to success. It shows that you don’t monitor and refresh your backlinks. This is a big no-no.

Routine maintenance should be done with these backlinks. Make sure to invest good time to locate any dead links. Asking either your webmaster, or if you’re the one in charge, to process it and mix all these broken links. This also allows you to possible link to it even stronger content. Making it an even powerful backlink.

5. More Ideal Anchor

When things are free we tend to jump at it to save some money. But free isn’t always the best thing, especially with link building. Sometimes your given an anchor text that’s not ideal.

The best course of action is to attempt to phrase it in such a way that you can benefit more from it. Or in some cases, look to change it altogether. It may be needed anyways if you have 404 errors or you require a newer domain. It links all together.

Don’t let those backlinks slide. There are always ways to add power to them. Making them critical for higher ranks and increase web traffic. Follow these helpful tips to help give power to your backlinks.

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