Cowlar-A Promising Startup In Pakistan!

There are always two sides of the coin, Pakistan has always been targeted to portray a negative image in the world but we never cease to shine out. Yes there are a lot of problems in Pakistan but somehow the negative points are more emphasized and it sends out the bad picture to the world to see. Somewhat this blame goes to the media personnel who fail to bring out the best. They sing about negative aspects more than the positive ones. Pakistan sure has enormous talent, it is only a matter of right opportunity given and we make unbeatable triumphs. Our proven technology and growing aptitude has opened numerous platforms for our youth to accelerate the success and to take it to next level of growth. It gives us the utter pleasure to share yet another great news in respect to Pakistani startups.

“Cowlar” is a Pakistani startup which is being enrolled in the world’s most popular incubators called YCombinator.  It gives us great pleasure to share this startup news; the idea was presented recently at the incubator’s demo day and luckily it received very good response and applause by few of the technology giants in the blog world.Cowlar-A Promising Startup In Pakistan!

Now you would be wondering what the heck this startup is all about. Well, to make it easily understandable it is a fitbit for cows. The productivity at the dairy farm can be affected by a lot of factors which may result in revenue drop. To make dairy farm productive and effective there are many aspects to take care of but unfortunately there was no such meter to gauge instantly where the problem is occurring. Cow’s productivity depends on factors like health, feed, reproduction cycle, temperature in which they are kept and stress also. So how on earth would anyone know what is going wrong with them? Cowlar is the answer to all those problems. It is a specially made collar for cows which will keep track of their daily activities, core temperature and other useful data all day long. So at the end of the day this monitoring device will help you to make the environment better for them. In this manner it will be easy for the keepers to make cows healthy, happy and productive.

The process to install it is pretty simple and effortless and the best part of the startup is that it is completely solar powered, which is a huge issue ion Pakistan, hence you don’t need to worry about energy crisis while using Cowlar. And the installation process will take only 20 minutes of your precious time but will yield you unmatchable results. The routers will be connected through cellular service and will pass on the data to the servers. On the other hand you wouldn’t have to worry about the turning and twisting wires all around because it is wireless.

Cows’ gives milk after giving birth and with the use of Cowlar one will never miss the re-production cycle days thus you will be able to track the milking days. This lets you to make the most of the opportunity. To maintain the health of the cows the Cowlar will detect the disease in its early days. So you can “nip the evil in the bud.”

For best feed optimization the Cowlar allows you to keep an eye on important metrics like temperature, behavior and activities etc. this startup technology will add in to the operational efficiency by reducing the labor work on daily basis. So invest less and reap heaps.

Thank you to the technology inventors we are now able to take care of our cows and maintain their health in the best possible manner.