Comparison: Windows PC vs. Mac

The debates over Windows PC vs. Mac have been ongoing for quite for a while now. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks and can be used for a variety of purposes, both personal and commercial. But it is clear that, whatever platform we choose, these machines are able to help us accomplish many things.

Manufacturers often advertise all the different hardware specs on their computers, because they are the primary selling point. In fact, these high-end components do matter to an extent. Apple releases its Mac models less frequently, while new components arrive almost each week. This allows PC users to build machines with the latest components or simply upgrade one or two components with the newer ones. As an example, although we don’t necessarily require 16GB of RAM in a PC for browsing the web and playing movies with typical resolution; PC users could make the upgrade anytime they want. As a comparison, some affordable Mac models could have 8GB of RAM. Although it is an outstanding machine for many tasks, some users may eventually require higher amount of memory if the open multiple high-resolution content. It could be quite difficult for new users to pass the 4GB RAM threshold, because upgrading RAM may not be an easy task for them.

Comparison Windows PC vs. Mac

We know how frustrating it is to accomplish a seeming simple task, because we can’t figure out the next step. While Windows PC machines are known for their traditional keyboard and 3-button mouse configuration; Mac goes forward with its multiple gestures and swipe options. We could also do two-, three- and four-finger clocks to achieve specific tasks. This would be something that’s difficult to do for Windows PC, unless we install specific software to support such a capability.

Multimedia has transformed the computing world and computer is all about accessing multimedia content, at least for average user. Users are able to not only open their multimedia content, but also create and edit it, Both Mac and Windows PC are capable of creating or editing pictures, audio and video content. It would be easy to create an intriguing video if we have enough creativity to do so. Adobe Premiere Elements is an important software on both platforms to help us create multimedia content. For Mac users, it should be easy to create multiple video contents with ease. We can easily find all the important features and any of them can be accessed quickly with the Finder feature.

There are many options we could choose when we buy a computer. There are many variations that we need to consider, such as the design and hardware configuration. In fact, Mac and some Windows PC models could have very similar appearances, depending on the manufacturer. However, Mac users could find that their options are much more expensive and limited than on Windows PC. In fact, there are some Windows PC models that are compact and slim enough, without being cluttered by unnecessary design elements.

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