Common Social Media Blunders That You Should Not Make On Your Church Page

Social media tools have become an important part of our lives today. Be it business or individual, you should use social media tools for promotion. Even church owners have started to use them to promote themselves. However, the sad part is that most of the church owner uses these tools because they are asked by people to do it. If you also own a church page on social media channels, then here are few blunders that you should never make:

Common Social Media Blunders That You Should Not Make On Your Church Page

Not Laying Out the Purpose of the Page

This is probably one of the biggest social media blunders that people make. Many people just create the Facebook page for formality. Once you have made the Facebook page for your church, always remember to define the purpose. You should fill every detail about the church on “About” section of the Facebook page.  Also, keep the purpose of the page and goal you want to achieve through it in your mind while making the page. This will help you to use different social media channels with a different purpose.

Assign Someone to Work on the Page

Social media channels require regular updates. You may not be able to manage several social media accounts all by yourself. Therefore, you may want to hire someone to manage your church’s page and update it on regular interval. The good news is that there are many people out there who have taken social media marketing work as their profession. You can hire such professionals and give your church’s page a professional boost.

Measure the Performance

Measuring the performance of your church’s social media account is very much useful. When you have a professional to manage the social media channels, measuring the performance becomes easier. You will be happy to know that every social media channel provides insight which can be used to measure the performance.

For example, you can check the insight every month and observe the behaviour of your audiences. This will also give you an idea about changes you need to bring in to the page in order to make it friendlier to your audiences.

Post a Range of Contents

Most of the church page owner makes this mistake of being too centred on themselves. You need to understand that it is important to post a range of contents on your social media accounts. People often get bored of reading the same type of information.

Therefore, in order to keep your audiences engaged on your social media page, it is important for you to post different types of contents. You can check other similar pages websites to get an idea about things you can add on your church’s Facebook page.

Always Generate Genuine Fans

The increasing number of fans does look appealing to everyone, but it is useful only when you have generated it organically. Therefore, never buy fake likes or comments just to see the increased numbers of fan counts. Always try to generate organic likes and comments as those will come only from people, who are interested to read contents on your social media pages.