CITOC – The Best Provider Of IT Security Consultation & Support In Houston

While most small business owners think that their business does not have any requirement of IT solutions because of the small size, it is actually otherwise. Threats to data are extremely common and they exist regardless of the size of a business. In fact, there is every possibility of new threats surfacing from nowhere to pose a serious threat to your data.

What business owners fail to understand that any single attack on crucial business data can crumble the business altogether. IT solutions are thus indispensable to all business environments. BJ Farmer of CITOC , a Houston based company, knows this well and offers the most reliable IT security consultation and support to keep your business infrastructure secure round the clock.

The company has evolved over the years tremendously and because of its competent team of professionals and emphasis on providing cost-effective IT security consultation and support has become the preferred one in Houston. The experts in the company always keep themselves updated about the new technologies and go for certifications.

The emphasis is always to offer the best consultation to their clients with their expanded knowledge base as well as experience. If you have already invested much on IT resources, the company experts will help to meet you the desired level of protection while keeping the costs down.

CITOC - The Best Provider Of IT Security Consultation & Support In Houston

Know what CITOC offer for ensuring IT security 

The services offered by the company to ensure IT security of their clients are as follows:

  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessments – The IT security consultants gauge the vulnerabilities and offer a thorough risk assessment by following proven methodologies. They also take into their account any earlier incident of breach in security within your organization to understand what can be the potential threats. The experts also make sure to convey the potential sources of new threats that might affect your business in the near future because of changing technology.
  • Email & Network Security – A single breach in the network security of a business means loss of intellectual property, business data and an ultimate collapse where recovery can be a seemingly impossible solution. The IT security consultants of the reputed Houston based company make sure that there are network firewalls, network admission control, intrusion prevention systems, network access control, VPN, web filters, mobile device management, email filters and network anti-virus so that email and network security is guaranteed. If any of these are not there, BJ Farmer of CITOC ensures offering the right support to achieve a robust security.
  • Business Continuity Planning – This is also known as BCP in the business world and is extremely important to have the ability to continue business operations in spite of losing critical system, a severe data breach or anything. The IT security consultants draft emergency procedures that a specific business can follow in the wake of such an unfortunate incident.

Lastly, the company is not just into IT security consultation and support only and has the right infrastructure as well as competency to offer a large number of valuable IT solutions to its clients at an affordable pricing.

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