Church Website – How To Choose The Right Domain Name

A domain name serves the same purpose to a website as your name does to you. You often spend a lot of time deciding the name of a newborn in your house. How can you then turn a blind eye to getting the right domain name for your website? Especially, when it is a church website and requires more attention than any other website on the internet.

Read on to learn how you can choose the right domain name for your website.


First of all, go for domains like .com, .church, etc. Don’t experiment with the country codes. You are most used to typing standard terms like .com and that is where the brain will automatically take you when you are searching a website.

Church Website

Do not follow the stereotype that .com is only for professional business sites. It is a universal domain name that can be used for any website including a church.

Keep it simple                                                              

You need to pick up a name that is short to ensure that people actually remember it. This doesn’t imply that you choose something short and irrelevant. Go for a sweet word that people can easily remember. There are certain areas that you must consider like:

  • Get an ideal name. That could be anything from your neighborhood to your street.
  • Cut down the name to as short as possible.
  • Adding up the name of your country can provide uniqueness to your domain name as well. The other advantage of this is that it also allows people to know where your church actually Yes, that is very important.
  • You will have to know if you must use an abbreviation or not. Chances might be that you might be looking for an acronym that you know but most people do not. That is not going to save your purpose. So, when you decide to put in abbreviations, go for something that is universal so that at least people can understand it.

The domain name that you are choosing might become the actual name of your entire church plant on the whole. This is going to be wonderful while others will keep on searching for secondary domain names.

Available resources, budget and needs are few of the factors to consider before choosing a web hosting company. Shared hosting would be the obvious choice, if you are planning to keep your costs low. VPS is the right choice, if you are anticipating higher traffic and you could spend a bit more on hosting.

Get the Right Registrar

Do not forget to get a good registrar. You must know him well because he is the one who you will be paying for any renewals. You can sign in with any domain name registrar on a web hosting provider. If you are very unsatisfied, you can always change him. To understand more visit this web-site sharefaith.com.

Nothing in this world is perfect. Nor your domain name has to be. You can explore for a wide range of possibilities and then finally decide something that you like. Once you have made a choice, be confident about it.

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