Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner The Best Vacuums Of 2018

The vacuum cleaner is the most effective instrument for ridding the house of dust and dust mites. As there are different models and brands on the market, choosing a device tends to take on the appearance of a tough problem. A little advice! To avoid wasting money unnecessarily, pay special attention to the design, power, and accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner. Do you want to equip yourself with the best model on the market, but are you short of time to compare products? The two models we present are the highest in their categories. Versatile and easy to handle, the Dyson v6 Total Clean will answer the least of your expectations. It is able to clean hard, soft floors and reach the most inaccessible corners of your home.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

Essential to ensure the comfort and convenience of cleaning the house, the vacuum is a real innovation in home appliances. It allows carpets, carpets and floors to be cleaned in a few movements. This innovation can guarantee an impeccable cleaning of the housing. Since this is a product of the new technology, manufacturers continue to offer more and more sophisticated devices. They want to provide products that can meet the needs of each of their customers, especially since they are looking for efficient appliances adapted to the specificities of their homes.

To find the best device, the realization of a comparative vacuum is required. This requires the consideration of some criteria.

Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner The Best Vacuums Of 2018

There are several types of vacuum cleaner: broom vacuum cleaner, sled, cleaner, and wolverine. Your choice depends on your needs, the technical characteristics of the device and its cost.

The practical aspect of the device

Pleasant to use, the vacuum cleaner must have a non-negligible practicality. The best vacuum cleaner at my deal is suitable for all types of users. It is easy to move and has a protective device. Given its weight, it is not the best choice for a home with a staircase. The robot vacuum cleaner is very easy to use once you get to master the user manual sometimes difficult to understand.

Useful power

The power of a vacuum cleaner does not only consider its power of operation, it takes into account the useful power of the device. This useful power constitutes the RATIO between the air flow and the depression. The balance between these two elements ensures the efficiency of the device. In most cases, this information is not available in stores. Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer to obtain them.

The accessories

In the case of household appliances, accessories are not an option. They become indispensable to guarantee the comfort of its user. These accessories vary depending on the function of the vacuum cleaner. If it is used to clean the floor, you will need a tile or parquet brush. For an optimal cleaning of the Rugs or the carpet, you must acquire a turbo-brush or electro-brush.


The best vacuum cleaner has a filter to ensure air circulation while avoiding the release of dust in the air. Leaking dusts may generate allergies for the user of the machine and the occupants of the dwelling. This is why you should choose a vacuum cleaner with a reliable and efficient filtering system.

Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner The Best Vacuums Of 2018

The noise

The noise emitted by the vacuum cleaner harms the user’s comfort. When acquiring this very innovative appliance, its sound level should be considered. The power of the sound rises as this level increases. It is expressed in decibel (dB). This level varies between 65 dB and 85 dB.