Cell Phone Holders and Their Types

Car holders allow you to securely lock a smartphone either on a windshield or on an instrument panel of a car and thus increase the usability of the gadget, as well as your driving safety. Such holders are available for any smartphone today, including a Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus etc. and can be divided into several categories according to the method of their fastening:

Cell Phone Holders and Their Types

Suction Cup Mounted Holders

Such holders are usually mounted on a windshield or on a dashboard. They are very popular and are presented in a large range. They are also easy to install and do not spoil the interior looks of a car. However, there are some nuances. For example, sometimes the fixation can be unreliable on overly tilted windshields or on rough surfaces. From time to time, a suction cup can unstuck, especially if it is made of a tough, low-quality rubber. Some models with a suction cup are equipped with a long tab for smartphone (its position, bend and tilt can be adjusted). However, it is not very convenient to use them, since the tab will be shaking badly when driving.

Glue-based Holders

The main advantage of such models is that they are mounted on almost any surface. Accordingly, you can choose a place that is the most convenient for you. The downside is a one-time fixation only. Once mounted, a holder cannot be rearranged. In addition, heavy phones (for example, smartphones with large battery) might break such a mount with their weight.

Vent Holders

These are designed for installation on ventilation deflectors. The advantages include a strong enough fixation, compact size, and an ability to shift them if needed. The main drawbacks are that such holders overlap wind flow, they may squeak when driving and even cause damage to vent louvers.

Anti-slip Mats

Anti-slip mats are devoid of many advantages that the other holders possess. However, you can put them in any place without worrying about the mounting strength. Your phone is relatively firmly fixed on the mat and does not slip during emergencies.

There are also several design types of car holders:

Holders made for a certain model represent a hollow that copies the phone outlines. They are used infrequently, generally because of a fairly high cost and the impossibility to use when you have more than one phone.

Universal adjustable tabs fit any model. They are not that expensive and can relatively firmly fix your phone. When buying such a popular accessory, make sure that it will be comfortable for you to remove your phone from this holder and that it fits perfectly your screen size.

So now, knowing the characteristics of each type of a holder, you can choose a car holder that suits your needs best. What’s more, if you are seeking an upgrade of your current smartphone, we suggest you check out Nokia smartphone price and get yourself a cutting-edge and elegant device, which can be used as a navigation system when installed in a car holder.

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