Capital Numbers Wins Recognition For Their Expertise

Modern day businesses have new requirements since they serve varied people and beyond all geographical boundaries. This means that the quality of products and services has to improve on one hand, and on the other hand, the ways you are going to promote it and showcase it to the target audience. You would need to have few sound marketing plans undoubtedly, not just in the conventional means but also by other means. The other means are the modern ways of using web development tools and mobile development tools to promote the business.

Capital Numbers Wins Recognition For Their Expertise

However, in the present day, you may have few companies offering development works and then other companies that might be offering internet-marketing techniques. But how would you like to get all of these services from a single organization? This is where Capital Numbers is known to offer some of the highly professional and effective services for the clients. The ISO-9001 Certified Company is also a Google Partner and is even rated by Dun and Bradstreet very highly and these just show that the company has already become a famous name in the industry.

Recognition and Why the Company Deserves It:

Capital Numbers has got recognition from various other organizations also and after working with international clients from across the world, the company has today got experience that sells! This organization had started in 2012 when the main aim was to offer services to client companies which they themselves had trouble getting due to various factors. So, on careful contemplation, the organization had understood that it was necessary to learn more and more about the kind of services that organizations around the world would need to use and yet may not have the infrastructure or know-how to implement. Using their expertise and with dedicated teams, the company has gone ahead offering services of website designing and developing for companies coming ahead with specific demands.

This is why Capital Numbers is today known for being the Most Promising Startup as felicitated by CII-Industrial Innovation Awards in 2015. The organization had shown promise right from the starting years itself when it was a small enterprise and this is why it had been honored by The Telegraph at Infocom for being the SME of the year 2014.

The Kind of Work Done and Offered:

The organization today works for the likes of Harvard University, Duke University, Thomson Reuters, The Motley Fool, Vogue and GQ. Whether it is designing the landing page of a website or handling its E-commerce site and handling the tools to smoothen the traffic online, the organization has teams working on each of these specific areas with ease. Content management, handling of regular update, responding to customers, making the client website user-friendly, and work in real time basis, are some of the core areas that the Company focuses on

The organization has worked on Pligg’s e-commerce site by using WordPress and WooCommerce. Their projects on WordPress include The Kia World, The Cheese Boutique, and Harvard Health Policy Review.

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