Breaking The Ice: Terms Used In OTRAMS

In the beginning of your travel agency’s building and expansion, you will be flooded with a lot of questions that may seem overwhelming. Same goes with the information that goes with it.

Breaking The Ice: Terms Used In OTRAMS

One of the most common questions that pop up when you are trying to collaborate with an online travel system is: Are you going to choose a B2B solution? Or a B2C solution?

Going with the B2B Solutions:

Stands for Business to Business, your company will have to deal with a hotel, car rental, or airline company. That includes paying commission fees and such. If you ask major companies who are using the B2B solutions, they might mention how powerful it is when it comes to gaining more bookings, with less work on their side.

Going with the B2C Solutions:

Stands for Business to Client or Customer, is a more personal approach compared to B2B. Your company will have to personally put up your inventories, and deal with the client immediately. There is no 3rd party involved (in some cases there are, but they can still be labeled as B2C) and your company will be responsible in satisfying customers. There is a lot of work involved, but knowing that you do not have to share your profits to other companies, means more income on your side.

Adding the Payment Gateway Integration Feature:

Breaking The Ice: Terms Used In OTRAMS

Electronic payment is possible, thanks to the companies who handle these kinds of online processing. With its help, your clients shall be able to pay for your services or product without the need of personal interaction. Since it is a fundamental tool that requires security, find companies that provide safe and reliable integration services. Secure and fast payment transactions are one of the reasons why clients are loyal to a company after all.

Adding the Accounting System Integration Feature:

Without an integrated accounting system, it is highly possible that there are going to be double entries of data and other errors in transcription. With the accounting system integration, it’s easier to manage and synchronize accounts, contacts and more.

As there are going to be a lot of business software applications included, keeping track of your plans and growth will need a single database, codebase and business process. Re-entering data in more than 3 system is stressful enough. Without any integrated software system, there will be some consequences like: wasted team productivity, paying for excess application maintenance, less loyal customers, and lack of business performance visibility.

Consulting with a company like Otrams, you will be introduced to a series of reliable, scalable and comprehensive travel management systems. From online and offline services, you will be guided to the facts and possible solutions for your online agency or company. Other features in the booking system include: secure mid-office, reservation management, travel agent management, transactional accounting, distribution of white labels, managing multiple branches etc.

With our increasing success rate from our previous projects, we have been reaching out to more clients than ever, while keeping the quality and effectivity of our services.

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