Best Ways To Get Utmost Security Through Live Chat

When your customers have an online account on your website, you most likely will be encountering cases when users will trying to access the account they do not actually own. Cyber crime has been on the rise and you will use exploiters using persuasion along with social engineering to get another user’s credentials or hacking the credit card information for own good.

Best Ways To Get Utmost Security Through Live Chat

This is mostly the case in e-commerce stores when people have their loyalty accounts for keeping tabs on their orders, loyalty points, and promotional codes. On websites providing web hosting services, the customers have administrative accounts that allow them to manage their website and domain hosting.

Whatever business you are running, when your customer’s account isunder an attack, it is a shame for you and your business, as this can shake the trust of other customers on your website. With live chat— being a hero in terms of winning customer’s heart and increasing sales— you can also use some built-in features of live chat to enhance the security and to ensure that only legit account owners access to them.

Here are some of them:

Cross-checking customer information

When dealing with customer payment details, privacy becomes much more important. It is extremely important to be acquainted with the location of your customer. It is a great way to check how honest your customer is.

Let’s say, when you customer is from Canada and poses as a Brazilian, it’s a wakeup call. You are able to check the geolocation data for all your customers that visit your website and ask for help via your preferred customer support chat software. All you need is a way to confirm that information your visitor has provided you is true against the data you have acquired.

Verify the story

One of the best features in a live chat software is the sneak-peek or real-time typing feature that allows the chat agent on the other end of the conversation to check what’s been cooking in the visitor’s mind and that how they are forming their replies.

If your visitor is modifying or forging the answer to get the certain outcomes, it is a red alert! You should be careful and askmore questions for verification of the story they have been telling you. Such as, when the scammers are asked that why their credit card is connected to a different region than the one coming out in their geolocation data, they get confused and try to get an escape from the situation.

Credit Card masking:

Many customer support chat software comes with the credit card masking feature. When you need to confirm the credit number with your customer and you are doubtful of if you are talking to the right person or not, with credit card masking you can keep the sensitive data safe.

Wrapping up

These were some of the guidelines that can help you keep the security of your website tight. I hope they will be of some help! Remember that customers are very much concerned about their security and if once your company becomes a victim of cyber-attack or security breach, not only you will lose your present customers, but the prospects will also stay away from you.