Best Way, Transferring Data Between Your Smartphones

These days changing mobile phones has become trend. The main problem faced by changing between phones is the transfer of data from your old device to new one. Few of the population knows that exact method for transferring their files, data and backups. Many of them uses free softwares to transfer their files which might affect their devices with virus but some of them also works and finding the right not is really hard. Now coming to the point is Wondershare‘s MobileTrans is somewhat a same software which helps you to transfer the files between your smartphones and even enables you to take backups of your and save it on your computer for future recovery process.

Best Way, Transferring Data Between Your Smartphones

Wondershare’s MobileTrans is one of the top selling and best awarded software to transfer files between phones. This tool powers you to transfer all the files and is the all in one solution for your all needs while transferring data between your smartphones. MobileTrans can help you to transfer files between any Mobile Phone but it must include the supported device list. it is available for Windows PC as well as MAC.

About Wondershare MobileTrans:

Wondershare MobileTrans is one complete solution for transferring data between your old device and new one, this tools helps you to transfer your files between supported mobile operating systems, including IOS, Android Devices, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry OS. This tools can be used on Windows PC and Mac as well. You can for buying this software for as low as $39.95 for lifetime access for 1-5 devices.

Getting Started With Wondershare MobileTrans:

  • At First you will need to connect your both the devices to your computer or mac and install the required drivers by your computer for reading your phone.

  • Once you know that you’re computer is enable to read your phone you may open Wondershare MobileTrans and let it detect your device. If it doesn’t automatically detects the device you may need to select manually. If you still didn’t find your device you may email the issue to sales department.

  • Now, Once you have your both the phones ready with the software. It would ask you to select the files which you want to recover, if you wish to recover all the files then you may select all otherwise you can select the required one’s too.

  • When you have selected the number of files you want MobileTrans to recover, you may click proceed and wait until the recovery process ends. It usually takes 2-4 hours for transferring of data from one device to another.

  • When the transferring process ends you will need to restart you mobile phone. After the restart you will see that your data has been successfully transferred from your old device to new one.


If you wish to purchase Wondershare’s MobileTrans you can visit here. The same link also offers you the trial version which you can use before purchasing the software to know how actually the software works and helps you to transfer the data between your smartphones.

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