Benefits Of Using Adobe Products In Video Making

People use to consider that managing and editing videos on a PC is quite a daunting and time consuming task, but that myth was completely destroyed with the coming of adobe premiere pro that helps people to edit videos quite easily and soon premier pro become adobe’s flagship desktop editing software out performing all its rivals but failed to make an impact on the broadcast market. That soon changed with the introduction of adobe premiere pro cs6 that took the standards of the market to the next level. The software features powerful editing tools and simple user interface that makes it the best pick among the rookie and professionals both.

Benefits Of Using Adobe Products In Video Making

The multi camera editing is extended to more than 4 cameras and even has quick shortcuts for the user friendly. The software offers the best animation tools for any general purpose editor gives more control to the user and the user can even control the speed and effects settings of visual elements as they move in the frame giving the videos,the quality standards that professional have with them. The amounts of buttons have also been reduced to avoid confusion and the mercury playback engine delivers power packed performance of the software that works great with NVIDIA graphics cards.

Additional Features:

The software package comes loaded with additional features that make it a delight to use. The resolution has kept tom 16:9 as default that give a great view to the user and many power tools that comes loaded with it to make it the best video editing software in the market.


The first time user opens the software he will be stunned by the awesome user interface this software has to offer, it is quite easy to use the software comes loaded with a tutorial to make it understand better and the best part about it is that the makers haven’t changed the legacy default workspace at all.


The software comes with some latest additions like a button editor and also hidden buttons for play around and loops and also makes your monitor turn into a full screen cinema just with the touch of a button.


Another addition to the software is that now that effect on a clip can be placed just with a double click on the clip when it is in timeline and the desired effect is instantly installed on the clip.

Support for 5k Cameras:

The new software can support direct editing of RED EPIC, RED SCARLET-X and Canon formats so it can edit and deal with the footage from all major high end cameras.

New Trimming Tools:

The software supports three trimming modes

  1. Regular – It cuts the edges and edit points without affecting other things.
  2. Roll – It edits the end of one clip and moves to the next.
  3. Ripple – It moves everything up and down the timeline.

The software beside for the one mentioned above also comes loaded with various different features that includes Wrap stabilizers, which evens out shaky footage, option to clear uneven disturbances, adjustment layer that can be applied to any footage tracks and a new color workflow option.

The adobe premiere pro comes with all the features that a professional might need to work with but as people say with quality comes a greater price so the price of this software puts a weight on the user’s pocket and hence users can have, adobe premiere pro cs6 serial number free download on the website to make full use of it without even paying a single penny. It is recommended to buy a paid version if the user wants to represent his work professionally or else if he is a beginner then he can try the adobe premiere pro cs6 serial number free download.

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