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Every business that has a website requires a front-end developer. Their coding, ability to work with your technicians and other design experts determines how your brand will be interpreted. There are various Assessment tests that you can carry out on applicants to ensure that you select the right fit.

First you should begin by evaluating their portfolio. Going through and discussing a developer’s portfolio, is a good way of screening. Take time in evaluating what they have designed before and ask them to explain their approach for the user interface. You must also review their code. This is the best way of ensuring that they can execute well on a design with less code base. Few codes and more efficient coding reduce load and the time of indexing.

The second step is to go through their GitHub account. GitHub is a place where developers keep their code so that they can have a history of changes in file and also to have other developers to contribute on their project. Analyze the code thoroughly so that you can have a clue of how this developer writes and you can ask him or her various questions about the code. This is the best way of measuring a developer’s knowledge about topics like patterns, user experience, cross-browser compatibility and others.

Assessment Test For The Front-end Developer - Tests4Geeks

The third step in assessing a front-end developer is performing a life test. You can achieve this by making use of real-world front-end test that is scored online automatically. This is the basic software used to test developers live as you watch them and give score them.

The forth step in assessing front-end developers is asking them to perform a Kolbe test. This is an online test that helps you to see how a developer strives in his or her work. This is not like an IQ or personality test because it shows you how someone naturally approaches a task. The main spectrum in this test is how much one looks at facts before he or she makes a decision.

The fifth step in assessing front-end developers is using automated testing solutions. An example of an automated testing system is codility.com. This is a very efficient way of determining the front-end developer that you should go on screening. It is very easy to set up and the findings are easy to interpret. Though it is possible for candidates to cheat it is still a perfect pre-screening solution because those who cheat will be caught during face to face screening.

The sixth step in assessing front-end developers is a live coding test. Identify a common problem and assign the developers live for like 15 minutes. With the use of screen-sharing, you will be able to see their choices, how they identify the problem and how they tackle it.

The seventh step in assessing front-end developers is letting them test your product. It is good to find out what potential developers can do to better your brand. Direct them and help them understand the problem and then let them come up with a solution. With this, you will be able to see if what they come up with aesthetically aligns with your brand.

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