Artists’ Alley Condos

Lanterra Developments purchased the Simcoe Street property to replace the old building on the site with three multi use buildings of high rise type to house different condos to offer comfort living. The high rise and midsized towers on this site is constructed with 17, 22 and 54 storeys. The entire area of this project is wide spread across the sprawling area of 83600 sq. meters. In addition, the premises will have both commercial spaces and residential condos to help you live a luxurious lifestyle and have complete access to all facilities. The residential condos would also have terraces with articulated garden to add a bit of greenery to the condos. This project would have a wide walkway of 12 m which would divide the buildings and offer better access to the users of the buildings.

Artists’ Alley Condos is close enough to ditch the vehicle (public transportation is merely actions away), and yet removed enough to remain peaceful (you will not listen to that streetcar rattle by). The best of both worlds actually does exist! And it’s right here in this concealed haven, centrally situated in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Artists' Alley Condos

The transit score is a full 100/100, especially since they are merely steps away from the St. Patrick Subway Station. Their walk score is also a 100. Thus they are being described as being a walker’s paradise, as there is literally everything one might need within walking distance. You do not need a car for daily errands for sure if you reside in these condos! This is something many people take into account. The condos are in the Kensington-Chinatown neighborhood of Toronto, which is a much sought after area because of its various positive attributes.

There are several parks nearby, including the Grange Park, Queen’s Park, the Larry Sefton Park and the Butterfield Park. There are also educational institutions nearby, including the International Language Schools of Canada, The Michener Institute, The Greyson College Toronto, The York University, The Ryerson University and the University of Toronto.

Besides availing yourself of the close proximity of all sorts of shops, including grocery stores such as Longo’s and the Mon Lee Co, there are also different entertainment and relaxation opportunities too. There are coffee shops such as Café Plenty, Tim Horton’s and the Alumni Café. There are tens of restaurants very close by, and some 500 within a 15 minute walking range.

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