Apple iPhone 7 Vs. Sony Xperia Z5: Determine The Ultimate Smartphone For You!

Apple and Sony are two rivals in the smartphone industry. Both of them try to give each other greater competition by launching their new flagship smartphones. Sony Xperia Z and iPhone 7 are two newly introduced smartphones that have won hearts of many users worldwide. If the comparison is being done, which one is the best? So, start reading:

Apple iPhone 7 Vs. Sony Xperia Z5: Determine The Ultimate Smartphone For You!


IPhone 7 has iOS 10, whereas the Xperia Z5 runs on the Android 7.0. Z5 is heavier than iPhone 7 as it has 5.43 oz. weight; whereas iPhone 7 has 4.87 oz. iPhone 7 has a nice body made of aluminium, as Z5 has a glass with the metal body. Both have resistance to dust and water, but the main difference is that Z5 is protected with IP68 and iPhone 7 with IP67.

Apart from, the nice colour options are available for both. You can buy iPhone 7 in black, red, silver, gold and pink. On the other side, Z5 is available in black, white, green, gold and pink colours.


If you see the primary camera of both, then it is excited to know that Z5 has a better one with 23MP having LED flash. Iphone 7 has a 12MP with Quad-LED flash with many features, like Back-Illuminated sensor, autofocus, sapphire crystal lens cover, and OIS, and Z5 has only autofocus feature.

The front camera of the iPhone is 7MP with HDR, while Z5 has a 5MP.


IPhone 7 is smaller with 4.7 inches than Z5 with 5.2’’. Z5 has a resolution of 1080X1920pixels, and iPhone 7 has 750X1334pixels. IPhone 7 has a scratch resistant glass, while Z5 has the same but with tempered technology.


Z5 has a Qualcomm MSM8994, while iPhone 7 has an Apple A10 Fusion. These smartphones are similar in the processor specifications, but with the basic difference that is based on the capacity, iPhone has 2340MHz and Z5 has 2000MHz. the internal memory of Z5 is bigger than the iPhone 7. The built-in storage options are 256GB for iPhone 7 and 32GB for Z5. IPhone 7 lacks the microSD card; however, Z5 is not deficient of it.


Both have a non-replaceable Li-Ion battery with different capacities. IPhone has a battery of 1960mAh, and Z5 has a 2900mAh battery. Z5 is better in this category with talk time of 17h on the 3G network and standby time of 22.5h.

These are features on which you can compare both to get the best for you!

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