Apple ‘iPhone 6S’ Upgrading To 12-Megapixel Camera And Feature 2GB RAM

Apple is expected to announce a new line of iPhones. Kevin Wang wrote a message on Weibo, IHS Technology Research Director for China, This fall a new-generation iPhone for the first time have an image sensor with 12 megapixels.

However, a higher resolution does not mean necessarily better picture quality, criticized Wang. Apple had to reduce the size of the individual pixels, can lead to poorer image quality and more noise, especially when shooting in low light conditions.

Finally, the conservative in this regard Apple had improved the camera resolution in 2011, with the iPhone 4S: 5 megapixel and 8 megapixel designed for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus also for the current device iPhone. By contrast, competitors are experimenting with sensors to 41 megapixels, as in Nokias or Microsoft’s 808 and Lumia 1020 are used.

Apple 'iPhone 6S' Upgrading To 12-Megapixel Camera And Feature 2GB RAM

From a 12-megapixel camera upgraded in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities few days earlier reported. He is also from a RAM-doubling to 2 GB. The most important argument in favor of switching to an iPhone 6S but Kuo sees the Force-touch technology, which will integrate Apple According to him: Additional sensors allow the devices to distinguish between simple tapping and stronger pressure. Force Touch, Apple has already included in the Apple Watch and the trackpad in recent MacBook models. In addition, The fingerprint sensor, Touch ID to be accurate.

Kuo did not indicate that Apple will offer the iPhone 6S in another housing color, namely red gold. This option is so far only available for Apple Watch. In the case, Apple will also use more stable materials for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The theme sapphire crystal display according to the estimates of Kuo also still on the table.

Which of these statements is true, is likely to show only in the fall. In recent years, Apple had always presented the new generation iPhone in the beginning of September. Moreover, it is in Apple tradition, fundamentally renew the iPhone only in every two years and bring in between a revised “S” model on the market. 2011 was followed for example the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5S 2013 on the iPhone 5.

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