Android Wear Will Soon Support The iPhone

Android Wear currently using a companion app on Android smartphones and it will soon support the use the same approach on the iPhone. Apple will soon embark on the sector of the connected watches, But the company may have to face a tough competition. If one believes the sources inevitably close the file, The Verge suggests that Google is close to the finishing line. The company is reportedly tweaking the final details to offer soon a final version of its OS to that iPhone users could therefore adopt.

Android OS running on the iPhone, Including cards and voice. But its release is now supported by ads and Google, including the ability to reply a message, Google’s own apps is expected to bring advanced integration.

For everything to work will require that iPhone users download an application from the App Store or no notification will succeed to the watch. Google should also propose the control of music, The use of FaceTime or interactivity with other Google iOS applications (e.g. Request a route with Google Maps).

Android Wear Will Soon Support The iPhone

The Application might happen on the AppStore in a Few Days

If this information were to occur, Then the iPhone and other iDevices market would be perfectly able to connect to powered watches by the platform. This applies to the Sony SmartWatch 3, of course, but also for the Moto 360 or even LG G Watch R, Not to mention the small watch offered by Asus. From that moment, They could enjoy the same functions as the followers of the brave little green robot.

You probably know already, but Android Wear is entirely oriented platform to the notification. Compatible watches are thus able to trace all alerts generated by applications installed on our phone to view on our wrist. Sometimes it can even interact with some of them and then access context information.

But its real strength is its voice recognition system. Just say a simple “Ok Google” near the microphone of the watch to be able to discuss with Google Now and then it moves to our orders. With this system, it is not necessary to remove the pocket phone to create a reminder, Alarm recording, Recording a note or even get directions.

Would you use the Android Wear with an iPhone? Caution is obviously bet, but according to some sources, The application might happen on the AppStore in a few days, And so forestall the Apple Watch a short head.

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