Amazon Unlimited Storage: $11.99/Year For Photos And $59.99/Year For Everything

Amazon has announced two unlimited storage plans for its consumer cloud-based storage service, In December 2014, Amazon announced the launch of Premium Photos service that allowed by its member loyalty program to store all their photos on the Amazon Cloud Drive. This March 26, 2015, e-commerce giant offers even more with two new unlimited options open to all its customers.

Amazon Cloud Storage offered 5GB of storage for free, with a tiered pricing structure thereafter. The second offer (Unlimited Everything Plan) to store an unlimited number of files, be it photos, videos, music files, office documents. These two deals are very accessible. The first will be charged $ 11.99/year, against a $ 59.99 / year for the second and by this offer you can store unlimited data in the cloud.

With these two programs, slashing prices, Amazon clearly wants to retrieve customers Dropbox, Google and Microsoft. However, everything will change very soon. Amazon actually has just lifted the veil on two deals that will replace the previous ones and that will spotlight the unlimited right.

Amazon Unlimited Storage

The free Formula will Bow Out

The formula “unlimited Photos,” as the name suggests, should appeal to budding photographer. Or even professionals. It proposes unlimited storage for all the pictures, with 5 GB available behind for documents, videos and all other file types.

The formula “All unlimited” goes even further. This time, the user can take advantage of the offer for all its files. No need to pay attention to the remaining space on the account.

Not surprisingly, Amazon will remove older offerings in the coming days, and this also applies to the free formula. It will disappear from the web and anyone with an account of this kind will automatically switch to the “Everything unlimited.” Or rather to the free trial, limited to three months.

The first free offers up to 18 GB of storage, But as soon as one wishes to obtain more space, you have to go to a Pro account which offers 1TB of storage for years $500.

The availability of Google Drive is quite similar. Free can be stored there 15 GB of files of all kinds. The Web giant then cuts its offer five levels: 100 GB for 23.88 $ / year), 1TB 119.88 $ / year. Then prices soar: 10 TB to 1199.88 $/ year, 20 TB for 2399.88 $ / year and finally to 30 TB 3599.88 $ / year. And Microsoft charges $6.99/month for 1TB, with 15GB for free too.

The good side of it is that competition is not going to sit back a long time. Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, and all others could therefore reveal also offers unlimited future. Morality, It may move much as it takes the side of the “cloud”.

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