Amazon Is Tackling The Business Of Fashion

Having revolutionized the distribution, the Seattle group wants to position itself as one of the giants of the fashion and ready to wear. Here’s how.

With the taste of the secret he holds dear, the online trade group performs Amazon for several months of maneuvers to position itself as one of the giants of the ready-to-wear and a threat to all its major players. The Seattle group has already revolutionized the distribution with its commerce site on the internet and also attacked TV Online, which is now one of the giants, and very recently in air cargo.

Amazon sells clothes for over ten years and has already bought the Shopbop fashion site in 2006 and the specialist in online shoe Zappos in 2009. But the movements made in recent months show a marked acceleration.

There is the tip of the iceberg, symbolized by the launch in early March, a daily program of half an hour on fashion distributed free on the internet, the first live program ever offered by Amazon.

The group launched by American Jeff Bezos was also given visibility by becoming the main partner of the young menswear week in New York, who has lived his second season in January.

Amazon has also taken over the production and broadcast of the program “The Fashion Fund” competition among young designers sponsored by the American union of fashion (CFDA) that organizes Fashion Week in New York.

Amazon Is Tackling The Business Of Fashion

New Brands

As for the submerged part, it is visible on the site banner of the group, with brands that were unknown there is little.

The Lark & ​​Ro names, or North Franklin Eleven Tailored have been filed in recent months by Amazon, according to data available on the website of the Office of the European Union for intellectual property.

After being confined to distribute the clothes designed, manufactured and sold by other giant in 2015 who spent the $ 100 billion in revenues bar develops its own lines.

Contacted by AFP about it, Amazon has declined comment and an Amazon Fashion spokesman said the group was not “ready” to “communicate on its global strategy” for fashion.

“Amazon has made the garment a priority,” analysts considered KeyBanc Capital Markets noted in a published late February after sounding the middle at the MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Wide Range Of Choices

Became designer of fact, Amazon is also “seen as a strategic opportunity and a partner” key to the external marks, according to these analysts, some sellers considering that the site “may become one of their three main medium-term clients.”

On the client side, the sauce takes. “There is this ability to have the world at his fingertips in one place,” summed up Marshal Cohen, analyst at consultancy NPD Group.

Animal apart in the world of online business, Amazon is poised to succeed in fashion and ready-to-wear what he has done for books or movies becoming unavoidable.

“The brand sites or traditional distribution portals have a limited supply, while Amazon dizzy,” insists Marshal Cohen. “This gives the feeling of having more chances to find the product you want,” with a range of sizes, brands, styles and unmatched price.

Towards the opening of stores ready to wear?

For him, Amazon is not intended to impose only in the ready-to-wear good mass market, but can legitimately aspire to a significant position in the higher-end clothing.

By July 2015, analysts at Cowen saw the group become the first brand of clothing to the United States in 2017, ahead of Wal-Mart or Macy’s.

They evoke $ 27.7 billion in revenue next year and 52.0 billion in 2020, not the United States.

More international, H & M or Zara chain, after all, also the worry about.

If the experience of the physical library opened in late 2015 in Seattle proved successful, Amazon could even get them on their land, opening stores ready-to-wear, imagine Marshal Cohen.
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