All You Wanted To Know About CTI Integration With Salesforce

Though there are many options available to reach to your business customers such as email, newspaper, websites, etc., calling up customers over the phone is considered to be the commonest and most effective way to generate sales in business. Sometimes making long distance or international calls can be quite expensive for business.

internet-based calling methodology has been used as an attempt to make these phone calls efficient in terms of cost and performance. CTI stands for computer telephony integration system, the system used to make internet based business calls to customers.

Salesforce is the widely used system that not only track sales lead, but also carry out its analysis. Utilizing the benefits of the Salesforce technology, CTI Integration with Salesforce has become very popular among the startups to large scale enterprises. Let us know more about this technology in detail.

CTI Integration

Prerequisites of using this Technology

CTI integration with Salesforce is getting immensely popular and the first choice among various businesses all across the world. To successfully implement this technology in your business, it is required to have a basic understanding of the concept, working and coding of both the technologies.

One should have a sound knowledge of CTI adapters, prominent coding languages such as JavaScript, CSS, Html, and JAVA, Salesforce APIs, Visualforce APIs, Salesforce console, Salesforce CRM Call Center and Salesforce Open APIs.

Ways of Integration of the Two Powerful Technologies

There are two ways by which Salesforce can be integrated with CTI systems.

  • With the help of Open CTI tools
  • With the help of telephonic service provider APIs

CTI Integration with the help of Open CTI tools is more popular and efficient method in comparison to telephony service provider APIs. Salesforce Open CTI is an open source tool which was developed by Salesforce company themselves. This integration is done by using Salesforce CRM Call Center to integrate with third-party CTI systems. In this tool, a user does not need to download specific adapters by CTI service provider. Thus people who used cloud architecture were deprived from using the benefits of this technology.

Using telephonic service provider API, a user makes calls using the Salesforce console. This call passes through the adapter of the telephone service provider. Then the control of this call will travel to the adapter of Salesforce.com which is basically a JAVA gateway interface adapter. This adapter then calls and validates the establishment of a call so that salesforce can begin the timer and provide call information such as number, duration, etc. Few other processes such as recording the call can also be done simultaneously while answering the call.

Advantages of the Salesforce CTI Tool

Use of Salesforce CTI integration offers various following benefits to salesforce developers:

  • Development and integration of CTI systems with all available versions of Salesforce without any need for third party adapters
  • Facilitates development of customizable softphones with inbuilt integration to the salesforce
  • Integrated CTI systems allow organizations to work on platforms and browsers different from those of the tool.

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