All About New Apple’s 8-Pin Lightning Connector You Definitely Need To Know!

With the advent of new Lightning connector, Apple has definitely fulfilled its promise of delivering a more durable and fast connector than the previous one. The Apple’s Thunderbolt connector have come up with small sibling called lightning connector that now replaces Dock connector on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod nano, iPod mini, and iPod touch.

It is quite smaller than outgoing Deck and has already received mixed reviews of the customers that have brought them.  This connector comes with many features and benefits. So, let us explore them and know what kind of change it brings to the daily activities of the iPhone users!

All About New Apple’s 8-Pin Lightning Connector You Definitely Need To Know!

Sleek Design!

With the previous 30-pin lightning connector, the users experienced great difficulty. It actually would only connect if it was being held properly. Well, that is not the case with this new Apple lightning connector with 8-pin since it was designed especially while keeping the design in mind.

It not only looks better, but it offers great ease to even the dock manufacturers to get it around! It even makes things relatively more secure. It is good news since now the iPhone can be connected to a charger or dock. It may only be a bit bigger than micro-USB connector.

The Connector Comes with a Processor

The new Apple lightning cable connector is definitely not a dumb cable. It actually has a processor that offers you detailed information about the way you have to plug the connector on. The processor then reroutes electrical signals to ensure that it works properly no matter if it is the right way up or upside down.

The lightning easily works with both the types of cables, the USB as well as the Dock. The processor acts as an authentication device that makes sure that only official and authorized connectors and cables are being used.

Few things you may not like about Apple Lightning Connector!

It is true that the lightning connector has the ability to deliver the video output, but it doesn’t do it while it is connected to the Dock adapter. Plus, it may not be compatible with the older Apple products that may be an inconvenience to the users having old products of Apple.

It is also a bit expensive than the previous one. Plus, Apple is selling out of old 30-pin adopters already, so people having chargers or docks that are already set for 30-pin iPhone may want that old lightning adapter. Well, it might be possible that they may have to live without the adapter for some time which is definitely not good news!

While the 8-pin connector is easier and sturdier to use, it is scarce and fairly expensive. So, some customers may not want to invest their big amount for new adaptor or a dock.

Overall, Apple’s new 8-pin lightning connector comes with great features. It has no competition. Still, the users just need to think on different aspects as stated above before making a final decision.

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