Advantages Of Using One Company To Produce Both Video And Stills

Whether you’re planning on an intimate affair or a large celebration with hundreds of guests, your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event that must be captured on camera so that it can be shared and remembered for years to come.

Videography And Photography  

Videography and photography are high on the wish-lists of many couples when they’re choosing professionals to hire for their big day. Some, who choose to omit either wedding videographers or photographers from their budget, live to regret their decision. They realise too late that their special day flew by in an instant and they are unable to relive the wonderful experience due to their lack of quality footage and stills.

Why You Need Both Video And Stills  

A wedding day really needs to be captured with a combination of both video footage and still photography in order to recollect and appreciate all the significant moments from the day.

Wedding speeches and the recital of the wedding vows for instance are much better caught on a video camera, whilst a single photo can perfectly catch the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. Here are some of the most important wedding shots to capture on the big day:

Advantages Of Using One Company To Produce Both Video And Stills

Bride Getting Ready  

Photos of a wedding dress hanging up are stunning as well as the bride and her bridesmaids having their hair and makeup done. Shots of the bouquets, jewellery and the placing of the veil are also beautiful still pieces.

Groom Waiting For His Bride 

The groom usually has the nerve-racking job of waiting for his bride in front of the entire congregation of wedding guests. Footage can be taken of him looking anxious whilst joking with his best man and ushers, or perhaps talking to his parents. Photos and video footage of the bride arriving at the ceremony and the groom’s reaction make for extremely emotional memories.

The Ceremony 

Whether the ceremony is civil or religious, many couples will absolutely love looking back at the exact moment when they exchanged vows and rings before officially becoming man and wife.

Family Shots  

It is traditional to have a specific list of guests and family members such as parents, siblings and grandparents that need to be photographed with the bride and groom. A photographer would normally take these shots, whilst a videographer could be filming the other guests unwinding at a champagne reception. This approach also allows the bride and groom to later see what was happening without them.

Speeches, Toasts And Dancing  

The rest of the day is often quite informal with speeches, toasts, the cutting of the cake and dancing until the early hours. A combination of photography and videography would capture the natural flow of the celebrations and allow the bride and groom to remember each and every moment from their wedding day.

Team Co-ordination  

Photography and videography go hand in hand at a wedding, but only if teamwork is involved. It is essential that a bride and groom choose a professional photography company that incorporates videography into the wedding package. This allows one company to co-ordinate the filming of the entire event so that each member of the filming team is responsible for various aspects of the day. Communication is vital when creating a full photo-story of the event and this can only really be achieved by using one professional company.

If you’re tempted to hire separate videographers and photographers, then you run the risk of them getting on top of each other, competing for the best shots and essentially being rivals throughout the whole course of your special day.

It’s never too early to start searching for the ideal wedding photography and videography company who can assist you in recording the best day of your lives to keep for the rest of your lives.

Phil and Loraine Stanley provide a fresh new approach to contemporary wedding photography. They specialise in fusion weddingphotographyand videography to produce beautiful, candid images that couples can cherish for many years.

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