Advantages Of Managed Cloud Services

For many organizations, the concept of cloud computing is still relatively obscure. Many companies’ attempts to cut through this obscurity by offering wholesale managed cloud services that allow organizations to make the most out of this fairly new technology, without having to worry about the technical aspects of managing the service and ensuring that they get the most out of it.

Of course, it is natural for many of the key decision-makers in a company to be wary of wholesale managed cloud services before they have experience of the many advantages that the service has to offer, so here are just a few reasons why you should consider converting your storage and data management systems to take full advantage of this continually emerging technology.

Advantages Of Managed Cloud Services

Lower Cost:

The primary advantage of the wholesale managed cloud services offered by Egenera.com is the fact that they offer a similar or superior level of service to previous solutions at a far lower cost. This is especially the case when compared to managed hosting systems that are located on the premises of the business, as you instantly cut down on the costs of running and maintaining such a system, allowing you to spend valuable resources on other aspects of the business.

With a cloud-based system, you will only need to worry about paying a subscription fee to make use of the service, without having to worry about all of the extra costs that come on top.

Faster Analytics and Querying:

Of course, this reduced cost would mean little if companies had to deal with a slowdown of their core processes, as this would lead to those savings been consumed by slower operational costs that require more work hours to complete.

Thankfully, this is not the case with wholesale managed cloud services. In fact, organizations will find that running queries and analytics on their existing data is actually far quicker than it used to be with the more physical options, in-part because of the vast amount of resources that the cloud has to offer the user. High system availability and the generally increased speed of cloud hosting combine to allow for data mining and analysis and a much higher rate, making operational procedures more efficient in the process.

Higher Availability And System Speed:

It is not only in data analysis and querying where the increased speed offered by wholesale managed cloud services comes to the fore. The technology as a whole is built around a remarkably strong infrastructure that offers high levels of availability that allows users to benefit from the cloud at all times, rather than having to deal with slowdown caused by heavy use of the resources.

Elastic load balancing and smart rerouting of requests when needed allows users to avoid the slowdown that often accompanies large-scale work with data. Furthermore, updating the system is no longer a case of purchasing new equipment and hiring specialists to ensure it is all installed properly. Instead, you can simply choose to upgrade your subscription and all of the hard work will be done quickly, leaving you more able to benefit from the system’s new features.