Adding A Newsletter Signup Form To Your Website

One of the biggest mistakes that website owners make is in neglecting to collect signups, this is a mistake that is often made when a website is launched but it is also a mistake that people continue to make throughout the life of their website. The reality is that gaining subscribers from your website is very valuable, it is the same as getting contact details for people that visit your physical business location. These contact details can be used at any point in the future in order to contact that customer or potential customer and remind them of the products and services that you offer.

Unfortunately for many people adding a newsletter signup form to their website is a very difficult task, it may also be a task that would be costly if handed over to their website designer.

Adding A Newsletter Signup Form To Your Website

Luckily with the newsletter plug-in offered by FreshMail this process is now extremely easy. The FreshMail plug-in is available for any website running on the WordPress platform. The plug-in can be installed through the WordPress control panel and once installed can be used to easily add signup forms and signup checkboxes to the website.

The forms can be added almost anywhere on the website and in fact multiple forms can be added on different pages of the site. For users with no coding experience the forms can be added using predefined styles that require very little effort, but for anyone requiring customisation the forms can also be modified to suit the needs of each individual website.

With this plug-in from FreshMail there really is no excuse now when it comes to gathering subscribers, every Webmaster should be using this plug-in with their WordPress installation. Even if the website gets very few visitors it is extremely important steel to have this plug-in in place and to be offering users the opportunity to sign up to your newsletter right from the get go. This is good practice and means that as the website becomes more popular nothing has to be done, the site will automatically start gathering subscribers.

Even if you don’t have a newsletter it is still very important to gather subscribers because this will allow you to have a list ready to go when you launch your newsletter and rather than starting from scratch at that point you will already have plenty of people to send the newsletter out to.

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