Acer Liquid X2: Triple-Sim And A Battery OF 4000 mAh BONUS

Acer has introduced part of its next smartphone, The Acer Liquid X2 is one of the gadgets that caught our eye, certainly, But the manufacturer has also graced us with a new phone positioned in the segment of phablettes: It also no lack of assets.

It was the announcement that we don’t expect: Acer has introduced a new smartphone with attractive features. Although Acer not giving all the details of the device, The brand still revealed some promising elements. The manufacturer has not addressed all the details and it remains so still some gray areas.

Acer Liquid X2 Triple-Sim And A Battery OF 4000 mAh BONUS

A 5.5-inch Screen, a MediaTek Chip

First, the device’s design is very neat. Not unlike that of the Sony Xperia Z3, It displays a colored back glass beautifully. For now, The brand presents the product only from the back, we don’t know the quality of its screen. However, we know already now that it’s designed with the format of 5.5 inches. Hopefully it displays Full HD. And is expected to reach at minimum, 400 per pixel density.

Under the hood, The Acer Liquid X2 equipped with an eight-core processor with 64-Bit. In the photo, The smartphone entitled to the same 13 megapixel sensor offering with a f/1.8 lens. On the front and back. Like the HTC Desire Eye, Selfies lovers will be thrilled.

No word on the amount of RAM or on board storage capacity. The only thing we know is that the terminal will be equipped camera (one front, one in back), with a battery power of up to 4000 mAh. When comes to the power of battery the iPhone 6’s offers battery weighs 1,810mAh, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 featured with battery power in 2,600mAh. Users accustomed to travel regularly abroad will be pleased that this smartphone offers them a great autonomy and the ability to juggle three SIM cards. Autonomy should therefore be very comfortable.

Otherwise, It should also be noted that there are 3 ports for SIM cards. If the user wishes, he can therefore make three different lines and quickly switch from one to another. Not everyone will be no utility, That is true, But this feature may be of interest some of you. Finally, you guess certainly like the Acer Liquid Jade Z and X2 turn this Acer Liquid Android Lollipop. Acer has provided no availability date and no price for the moment. But more should be revealed closer to release.

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