A Sneak Peek Into The Most Exciting Phones Which Are Going To Hit The Market In 2016

There are always constants in the universe and in the mobile technology industry. For example, we all are aware of the fact that Apple will definitely release a new iPhone and Samsung will also do the same with their Galaxy series. These are some of the staple handsets which everyone knows of and beyond these 2 ace companies, there are some other companies too that keep releasing their flagship phones one after the other. If you’re not much into being a gizmo-freak, you should still have some idea about mobile phones and the handsets that are all ready to hit the market in 2016 so that you can take an informed decision while buying one for yourself. The concerns of this article will deal with the mobile phones which you might expect in the New Year. Check them out.

A Sneak Peek Into The Most Exciting Phones Which Are Going To Hit The Market In 2016

  1. LG G5: There was a time when LG used to be pure rubbish but as it built the Nexus 4, everything seemed to change for this company. They again seemed to get back their lost stride and started making some of the best phones in the market like LG G3 and the LG G4 which soon become 2 of the most beautiful and favored phones of 2014. Now that we’ve stepped into 2016, LG will return with its G5 which will be equipped with all features that would make you forget the previous ones. Expect improvements in design, quality of brand, imaging, biometrics, technology and memory & processing power.
  2. Android phone from Nokia: You must be aware that Microsoft has acquired the phone business of Nokia a few years back and they are all set to ruin their business, to speak the truth. But now gradually Microsoft has stopped using Nokia’s brand and they can therefore again start with producing better handsets once again which won’t be crippled by Windows Software. Nokia will be back to the market, this time probably with some Android powered phones in 2016.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7: The S-line of Galaxy are among the most popular ones from Samsung’s flagship phones and you don’t require knowing a lot about them if you have heard about them. Both the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 will hit the market in 2016 and they are probably going to be the biggest releases of 2016. Galaxy S7 is perhaps going to give a huge competition to iPhone 7 with regards to hardware and specifications.
  4. iPhone 7: Apple’s iPhone is one of the most well-known phone on the entire planet and this is the only reason behind the hype that people are facing with this phone. Gizmos and iPhone lovers are waiting to see what the company offers them with this multi-million handset in 2016. It will offer a big design overhaul.

Therefore, when you’re intrigued by the handsets mentioned above, don’t forget to get the adequate phone insurance coverage which you might need in order to protect your asset from breaking or drowning.

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