7 Reasons To Upgrade To A New Phone Right Now

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been mocked at or felt left out because you didn’t have the latest version of the iPhone or the hottest new Android phone?

*cue everyone raising their hands*
One of the facts about or lives is that phones get old very quickly. A new iPhone is coming out every year and Androids come out all the time. And it can be pretty easy to get lost in the sea of old and new technology.

But there comes a time when you just know that you need a change. Whether it be someone asking you why you still have that old iPhone 5 or seeing someone else using that fancy dual camera on the iPhone 7, you’ll know when it’s time.

7 Reasons To Upgrade To A New Phone Right Now

Read on to convince yourself even more to upgrade to a new phone with seven of the best reasons to do so.

1. You Might Want A Bigger Screen

Yeah, OK, your iPhone screen seemed big enough when you first bought it, but now that you’ve gotten to hold the latest version, your phone just seems tiny and inadequate in comparison.

By upgrading to a new phone, you’ll probably get the choice of getting a bigger screen size. And as we’ve seen with the latest iPhones, bigger screens are all the rage right now. And they don’t just look good! They come with tons of extra functionality like being able to watch movies and play games easier.

2. You Could Get A Little Extra Cash From Your Old Phone

The golden rule of getting a new phone is to always sell a phone, never let it just sit down in your basement for eons. There are plenty of ways to sell or trade your old phone, whether it be directly through Apple for your iPhone, your carrier for any phone, or a third party service.

And hey, that extra cash really helps lighten the cost of that brand new iPhone.

3. A New Phone Will Probably Have A Battery With More Juice

So, you’re tired of your phone dying as soon as you get on the bus home from work or just as you start your workout? It seems like your old phone just won’t cut it anymore.

Upgrading a newer version of your phone or an entirely better phone altogether will come with advantages to battery power. Newer phones generally have longer lasting batteries than older phones, so you’ll be able to play Angry Birds to your heart’s content.

4. Your New Phone Will Run A Whole Lot Faster

Your current phone is probably bogged down with tons of photos, old apps, cached files, and the like. You’ve started to notice how slow it runs and getting a new phone could be the answer to your problems. A new phone is like a clean slate, giving you much faster processing times and much higher responsiveness.

5. Your Old Phone’s Camera Might Be Looking A Little Rough

Have you ever tried to take a picture with your phone’s camera and you look at the image, but are kind of taken aback by the low quality of the image? This naturally happens as our phones are slipped into our pockets and bumped on tables – the camera gets scratched and the quality can decrease dramatically over time.

If camera quality is important to you, this is all the reason you need to upgrade to a brand new phone.

6. You Can Get More Storage Space

Want to store all those old videos of fireworks you’ll never watch again on your phone? Well, too bad because your phones out of storage! Oh wait, there’s a new phone you can upgrade to with a lot more storage? Count me in!

Upgrading your phone will usually give you the option of choosing a phone with a lot more storage space than your current one.

7. Bragging Rights Are A Real Thing

This list wouldn’t be complete without talking about bragging rights. Getting the brand new iPhone is like a status symbol. You’re automatically a lot cooler to the people around you with that shiny new phone in your hand. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be humble and show it off.

Whether it is because you need a new camera on your phone or you need a faster processor, there are tons of reasons out there to upgrade your new phone. And come on, how can you resist that new iPhone?