6 Cleaning Products For Laptop Keyboard Maintenance

No matter how careful you are to your laptop and the places you use it at, chances are it will accumulate some dust, food crumbs, and a number of other things you will rather not learn more about.

Depending on what state the keyboard of your favourite gadget is in, you might have to consider a more thorough and effective cleaning service or a simple one. Before you frown and shiver in fear from the idea of what you might find under the keys of your laptop, do know that complete removal of the keyboard is hardly necessary and even not recommended. There are various cleaning products you can use, which can help your keyboard cleaning service without removing the keys. Here are 6 of them that you can consider:

Cleaning Gel

The way this product works is by creating a mould to any surface and pulling off the dirt and grime that is on it. Cleaning service with this might seem dangerous, but the product is created so that it can hold together and not leave pieces in the device. Mind the color of the gel – when it gets too dark, it is time to throw it away, as it has become too dirty from spoils. Pick a product that is not too sticky and disintegrating, otherwise your cleaning will not be effective.

6 Cleaning Products For Laptop Keyboard Maintenance

Sponge Made of Melamine Foam

This is one of the best substances designed to keep surfaces clean and sparkling. It is abrasive to some extent, which is why it is effective at picking up spoils from uneven surfaces. Look for a cleaning product that has been specifically designed to clean keyboards. You will be able to tell by their size and shape designed to match that of a regular laptop keyboard. The sponge will easily clean the top and sides of each key and make your laptop much more presentable.

Keyboard Vacuum

This is an essential tool that can be used for more thorough cleaning service. Removing the spoils from the surface of the keyboard is one thing, but working your way under the keys is a different story. This is where vacuum cleaners come into play. They can easily pick up spoils from under the small crevices of the keys. There are vacuum cleaners that can be used with your USB port, which makes cleaning easy.

Microfibre Cloth

This cloth is soft as a terry cloth, but not as fuzzy and without the lint of it. The best type of microfiber is split – the shape of the cross-section of the fibre is in asterisk shape, making it an ideal for absorbing and soft.

Liquid Cleaner

Use this solution when you are faced not so much with dust, but rather with grime. A simple solution is isopropyl alcohol. It can be used along with a lint-free cloth over and around the keys to take care of the spoils. Cleaning service with this solution can also be performed with cotton buds and sponges. Never use the liquid directly on the keyboard.


Specially shaped brushes can help you get the tricky spoils under the keyboard. Buy a brush with soft bristles and also look for one that is anti-static. Mind the size of the brush, as laptop keyboards can vary in size too – you want the bristles to be long enough to reach under the keys.

You have to make sure you perform regular cleaning service for your laptop keyboard with these 6 products, if you want to ensure smooth and trouble-free work. If you’d like help with cleaning your home visit this website.

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