6 Best Android Applications For Back Up Your Data

Android devices are quickly becoming more entwined with our lives, your photos and text messages were gone, it is one of the important things for any device to backup of your data. There are many applications available in market to backup your data, here is a selection of the best apps to restore your data.

Share and Backup APK

6 Best Android Applications For Back Up Your Data

Good, functional app, Extremely easy to access, you can simply click on a particular application to start the backup process. You’ll notice that the title refers to “Share”. It actually allows you to send .apk file via email, Backup Apks to SDCard , a little more pleasant enough.

Easy Backup and Restore

6 Best Android Applications For Back Up Your Data

Entirely free, this application is one of the simple to use.  It can back up your apps, SMS, MMS, call logs, and restore your data on hard drives, Create backups to SD Card or in the cloud and it is compatible with the version 2.3 of Android. The advantages of this application, it has many backup options, extensions are available in-app.


6 Best Android Applications For Back Up Your Data

This application is quite popular with the regular root for specializing in backup applications. Whether one or the entirety of your applications, AppMonster  easy to use and notify you of the status of progress of the backup. Backup to SD

If you opt for the free version, keep in mind that options remain limited. This version and yet quite able to proceed with the backup, but you cannot do that under the default settings of the application, which may not suit everyone.

Apowersoft – Smartphone Manager

6 Best Android Applications For Back Up Your Data

It offers a pleasant and efficient experience. It is originally a free desktop application that allows you obviously manage your smartphone and therefore the backup and restore your data. It is compatible to both Android and iOS devices, restore or generally manage data such as messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, call history.

It works on Android version 3.0 and it is also able to root your smartphone. This is a real advantage of application taking care of the backup, the root and restore your data. But, the desktop version is not free.

Backup and Install Manager

Another application relatively well thought-out ergonomics. The backup will be done according to your desires, one or more applications, there is no problem.  with APK Share, and Backup, This application will allow for a move to Backup multiple application or uninstall an application.

Helium Backup

6 Best Android Applications For Back Up Your Data

Previously known as the Carbon, Helium can backup and restore the data to cloud storage, a MicroSD card or PC. You will need Android version 4.0 minimum. With this you can backup Wi-Fi connection settings, user dictionaries, and more.

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