5 Web-Based Apps To Help You Visualize Big Data

People are into different kinds of applications nowadays. Whether it may be on a cell phone, iPhone, tablet or computers, these apps can really help a lot in making life easy. Even children know the kind of apps that are useful and apps that are newly out. As apps can be installed in gadgets, even on computers, so you can have the best apps you can purchase and download. If you do not have the right apps or don’t know what’s available, then do some research and see what these add to your life. Just like the apps in cell phones, there are also a lot of web-based apps you can download and find useful in helping you visualize big data.

5 Web-Based Apps To Help You Visualize Big Data

As you do your research, here are the 5 best web-based apps to help you visualize big data and make that data usable in your everyday business. It is a guide which could help you define and make better results and become successful in the end. You can choose the correct software for your kind of business.

  1.  Data Wrangler – this is like a spreadsheet which can help you clean up data and rearrange it at the same time, making it useful for other software to access. This is not a tool, but a form that will organize the data, making it easier to manipulate. It is essential because you save time in analyzing and formatting your data.
  2.  Many Eyes – this is a very useful web-based app because you can use data that is already in their framework or upload your own. This web app also offers a lot of visualization tools that are very useful. This is a free registration, limited to 5MB only and is open to the public.
  3.  Visualize Free – this app permits you to create your own perception that can interact and at the same time help create the data. One good thing about this is the data you upload is private. You can check this out at Active Wizards Team.
  4. I Charts – this tool is very helpful for both company and personal use. This visualization tool helps you in your spreadsheets, data, logos, templates and Google documents.
  5. Wolfram Alpha – this provides accurate and fast data results, interpreting the computation of strings of data. It is more like a fast computer engine which helps you see a clearer picture of the data.

With these 5 different webs based app useful for visualizing big data, you will never run out of apps to purchase and download onto the computer. This web-based app that can be uploaded are all ready for purchase, and some are free. You can check these web based apps for more details on how they can help you. With these web-based apps easily downloadable, you will find that your work is a lot easier and simpler.