5 Ways To Use Technology To Make Your Trade Show Booth More Attractive

Trade show is a very effective place to market your product and introduce your brand to the public. You should do everything in your power to attract visitors to come to your booth. However, hundreds of companies at the venue will do exactly the same thing and in result, the competition will be fierce. If you want to be one step ahead of your competitor, you should incorporate technology on your booth. Here are 5 things you can do to take the best advantages of technology for your trade show booth.

5 Ways To Use Technology To Make Your Trade Show Booth More Attractive

Use Video to Grab Attention : There will be hundreds of company trying to attract new potential customers in the trade show. Your booth needs to be stand out so the visitors will lay their eyes on your booth first. If you think this task is too challenging, you can check out Infinity Exhibits and they will help you creating the best booth ever. Displaying attractive videos and pictures in a large monitor is a clever way to grab people’s attention. Moving pictures are always more attractive and intriguing and it definitely will attract many potential clients to your booth.

Tracking Apps : People will not visit your booth if they don’t even know where it is. The trade show is a sea full of booths and you can lose your chance to meet new customers if they can’t find where you are. To solve this problem, you should make a tracking application for mobile phone and tablet. It can direct the customers straight to your booth, and it also can help you save some money since you don’t have to hire too much staffs.

Provide Tablets : With nice videos and tracking apps, your booth will be filled with people. And if those people wait too long for a chance to talk to you and your staff, they will lose interest and leave your booth. You need to do something to keep them busy while you are talking to other customers. And the easiest way to do it is by providing tablets. The customers can use the tablet to watch presentation or video about your company. Interactive display will make the presentation and video looks more attractive so they can know about your company better.

Targeted Social Media Advertisements : The announcement about your participation in the trade show needs to be started long before the event started. You can do it by posting the announcement in your social media. To make the announcement more effective, you can try using targeted advertisements so the ad can be seen by people who are more likely to come to the trade show and purchase your products.

Don’t Abandon SEO : Your marketing effort should not end in the trade show. Trade show is just a way to introduce your brand to new customers. You need to continue your action by providing more information for your customers and hiring professionals like CAE Marketing & Consulting to manage your content is the best way to do it. A good SEO articles will make your company and services more believable and it can help reaching new potential customers.

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