5 Ways To Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile phone radiation has been a known issue for decades, yet few people are aware of the risks associated with regular use.

Because of the way they connect to cellular networks, phones produce radiation that could be harmful to users if they are exposed over prolonged periods. If you spend a lot of time making calls, sending texts, going online and generally being in the presence of a smartphone, the dangers are multiplied.

Adults are not as susceptible to the problems of mobile radiation identified in a number of studies, but children’s thinner skulls present less of a barrier. Nevertheless, mobile ownership has never been higher.

Giving up a mobile altogether is not an option for most people, so here are five ways you can cut down on mobile radiation while still keeping your favourite portable gadget close.

5 Ways To Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation

Buy a Radiation Reducer

A product that reduces mobile phone radiation at its source without compromising signal strength and overall network performance might be a good investment.

By using radiation-to-light technology, it is possible for this product to soak up the excess microwave energy generated by the antenna of your smartphone and turn it into harmless illumination pumped out by a small LED. This can cut down the radiation levels by 70 per cent.

Chat via Speakerphone or Video Call

You do not have to hold your handset to your ear to make voice calls, especially if you are in the privacy of your own home and are free to have the other half of the conversation broadcast via the built-in loudspeaker.

This will let you chat with friends, family and colleagues while keeping the phone itself well away from you. With video calling services such as FaceTime and Skype becoming more popular, there are plenty of engaging ways to communicate while your phone is not in direct contact with your head.

Choose Landline Calls

If you still have a landline phone at home, resist the urge to reach for your mobile whenever you want to catch up with someone. Instead, lift the receiver on your traditional, fixed-location device.

Plenty of people still have landline access bundled with their broadband. No harmful microwaves are emitted by old school telephones, so this reduces mobile phone radiation in an instant.

Check Coverage Levels

In areas where there are good levels of mobile coverage available, your phone will be doing less work to connect to the nearest tower and will therefore produce less radiation.

Conversely, if your signal strength is looking low or you are on the move, such as while on public transport, your phone will be going all out to maintain a connection. Calls while out and about should be avoided.

Do Some Research

Not all phones are created equal, and this is especially true when it comes to radiation. Compare devices online to see which has performed best in independent tests and avoid the worst culprits.

With this advice at your disposal, lowering your exposure to radiation when using a phone should be simple.

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