5 Tips To Prolong The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

Does the battery on your smartphone, not last very long? Still, we are waiting for better battery technology, battery life can be effectively utilized and managed, leaving nothing to go to waste. Lithium-ion batteries have limitations and at present no other battery manufacturers can’t replace the lithium-ion exists. Over time, you know, our batteries are deteriorating and most of the manufacturers aren’t providing a facility for change the battery yourself, since they are irremovable and it is the case for example in the recent Galaxy S6 and similarly expected in samsung galaxy s7. You just need to be aware of a few simple things, However, there are methods to extend the life of our batteries. Here are our 5 tips on the subject.

Several Smaller Refills are Preferable

It is always the big question that users arise. Should I wait for my battery drops below 20 or 10% to recharge? Or do I recharge it as soon as possible? The ideal is to recharge from time to time during the day your smartphone if you want to extend the life of the battery. For example, you can charge from 40 to 80% or 30 to 70%. Thus, the cells of your batteries will stay in an ideal environment.

Between 40 and 50% is Perfect

You are never asked to know when you unpack your brand new smartphone it shows between 40 and 50% battery? This is simply because it is the ideal range of the battery cells are in the best conditions. Obviously, one can’t always be between 40 and 50%. So you need to charge your smartphone when the battery shows 30% until it reaches 60%. You’ll have to connect your smartphone several times a day, but it is better that a full charge in the afternoon.

5 Tips To Prolong The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

The Complete Discharge is to Banish

Most of the mobile users recognize, they use their smartphone all the day and recharge once back home in the evening or overnight. Again, this is not a recommended behavior for your battery to take the blow on time. It’s simple, letting your battery to fully discharge it slowly destroy the cells that compose it. When you reload your smartphones, some of them will be unable to function. Similarly, leave it plugged in for several hours to 100% smartphone (at night, for example) have the same effect on the cells. So we have to think about changing your habits.

Avoid Heat

This seems obvious and yet many users tend to push the batteries to their limits. Playing for a long time while the smartphone is charging for example, tends to overheat, This is obviously a behavior to be avoided if you want your battery takes the road for a while. Similarly, it is strongly recommended not to let the smartphone close to where temperatures are high. In summer, for example, avoid leaving it in the sun, Also be sure when charging not to leave it in an enclosed area and choose a table or desk.

Medium- to Long-term Storage

At a time when you are not using your device, and then turning it off. And if you want to leave your phone in the store, You can go for a long trip. Most of the manufacturers recommend that ideally you should keep in a cool place and (under the temperature is 32 degrees Celsius), keep the battery at the halfway mark.

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