5 Tips To Find A Reliable iPhone Repair Company

Your AppleCare is expired and you don’t wish to extend it because of obvious reasons. If you go for replacements through Apple after your warranty period is expired, they will charge you dearly. That is the reason you want to do it on your own and want to search for a repair company, which is either local or accepts mail-ins.

Nowadays,iPhone or iPod repair companies are mushrooming around the globe,which claim their specialization in repairing iPhone, iPod and iPad. Unfortunately, all these repair companies are not using genuine parts and are unaware that how complex system they are repairing. When you wish to find a third party iPhone Repair Company, keep in mind the underwritten tips so that you will make an informative decision.

5 Tips To Find A Reliable iPhone Repair Company

Research Online

Google is your friend and with the help of this search engine, you can find a genuine repair company. Check if your chosen company is listed on Google business or not. If it is listed on Google businesses or yelp!, then It is considered as a good sign. If it is not listed there, check the official website and find out the Twitter page or Facebook page to see what other users are posting about the selected company. If you are unable to find the online presence of this company, then it is advised to move for another option. Any repair company which is concerned about her customers is always more than happy to accept the feedbacks in public forums. iPhone repair rancho penasquitos find it an opportunity to solve the problems of their loyal customers by advising them online.


Pricing is also an important factor to select a company and take its services. A reputable repair shop will always tell about their pricing. You don’t need to ask them for this, they display it on their website or Facebook page. Suppose the screen replacement of your iPhone 4 ranges between $ 80-$ 115, this should be included with all the charges and labor costs. You may have to pay a little extra if you are living on a distant location.

Cheaper is Not Always Better

When you are talking about iPhone or iPad, make sure that you don’t compromise on low quality, even if someone is offering a screen replacement at comparatively lower cost. I have seen many repair shops doing the screen replacement of iPhone 4 in just $ 40. There is a big question mark on the parts they are using and even eBay and Amazon are providing cheaper repair work. It is found that they have extremely high defect rate. iphone repair rancho penasquitos always give warranty for the repair work they provide.

Don’t be hesitant to ask a repair company about the parts they are going to use in their repair work. Ask from where they are getting the parts. You can get high price tag parts from Amazon and eBay, but this is not the route which a reputable repair company usually takes. A reputable and reliable repair company is always concerned about the quality of the parts and the services they are providing.


This is an obvious question which you have to ask. Your repair company is providing warranty for their repair work or not. A genuine company always provides warranty not only for the parts used, but also for any kind of defect in the workmanship.

Repair Timeframe

This is the most common question, which all the iPhone owners ask that how long it will take to repair their iPhone? A genuine company will always give you the shortest possible time. They will examine your phone thoroughly and give you a receipt, which includes everything including the cost, delivery time and warranty period.

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