5 Things To Remember While Using Facebook

Facebook there no one in the world who never heard of this site. This one becomes so popular ever since it was introduced. Now people are spending many hours of the day in the Facebook to check the different things. The platform is becoming so much user-friendly and keep on getting better and better. Most of the users are on Facebook to get connected with their loved once and long distanced living people. On many incident Facebook also helped people to find their lost ones, to fall in love, to search for jobs and get updates from the different groups. There is limit to have fun and chit chat with your friends on Facebook, but there are some limitations in the usage of Facebook, which you should know.

Age Limit

There is an age restriction in Facebook, the teens under this age cannot be on Facebook. Of course, many kids using wrong dates to sign up for the Facebook. This age restriction kept as a rule because maturity levels of web guidelines and rules cannot be understood by below this mentioned age kids. So legally, you must be an eligible person to sign up for the Facebook.

5 Things To Remember While Using Facebook

Privacy Rules

There will certain privacy concerns you must know before signing up for Facebook. These rules are for users’ privacy, you need to know what kind of privacy will be provided to you after you sign up for Facebook. The privacy of others users, security for your data and other things will mention in this section. Many people ignore to read them because of laziness, but we must once go though the privacy concerns once, as to have no troubles in future.


As the popularity of Facebook is growing the hackers targeted the loop holes in framework of Facebook. Even though Facebook keeps on updating its security system, there bigger minds who can crack the bigger codes and frameworks. So, think one and twice before uploading your private data into the Facebook.

Cyber Laws

Even though it connects to chat and talk with your loved one personally there are certain limitation and rules you have to obey to use the Facebook. You should not over go from these rules. These rules restrict us from using abusive language, posting porn things, malware related contents and others. You must know about these laws, however, these laws change from country to country.

Don’t Believe Anything Blindly

There is manually proof checking mechanism for Facebook, so many people create fake profiles to attract the users and does unethical things. Many people around the globe faced these kind problems there are also exist some other problems like falling love with fake profile peoples, clicking shorten URls and become the victim of malware and hackers, accepting the friend request from unknown people and many other problems.