5 Plugins To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

The success of any website is determined by various information that comes from site traffic data. Websites that are able to engage readers and keep them on the pages are considered more profitable than those where a user visits and quickly exits. This move – visiting and quickly exiting – is referred to as the bounce rate of a website. Any web host knows that the cost of website operation must include an assessment of the type of traffic that content can bring and its potential conversion rate. To decrease your website’s bounce rate, try these five plugins.

5 Plugins To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

SimpleReach Slide

With the SimpleReach Slide plugin, webmasters are able to set up a popup that appears after the reader has reached a certain part of the page. With this pop-up it is possible for the user to “share” the story they are reading with their friends and followers via Facebook or Twitter. The quick send option keeps users active for a few seconds longer while also giving them a chance to invite others to check out the content.

SEO Smart Links

It is no surprise that decreasing your bounce rate involves boosting your SEO efforts. The SEO Smart Links plugin connects keywords within your posts to other posts and pages that are related. This automatic interlinking provides you with the necessary web that helps boost your search engine rankings and gives users a chance to click through to other content.


One of the more popular options for webmasters is the YARRP plugin. This is one of several free options which adds related posts into the feed at the bottom of your pages. Visitors will see the content via thumbnails and can click through to other pages on your site. The downfall of this plugin is that it possesses a fairly complex algorithm that makes it effective but also makes it disliked by certain hosts such as WP Engine.

NRelated Content

Sending visitors to additional site content that is relevant to the piece which they are reading is an essential part of not only showing off your top notch content but also keeping them engaged on the site. With these plugin, content thumbnails are displayed at the bottom of your post via shortcodes. The plugin is free and is one of the most popular choices for webmasters today.


If you are familiar with Reddit, then WPeddit might be a good plugin option for you. This powerful tool helps decrease bounce rate by putting your most popular posts at the top of the website. The strategy allows your visitors to quickly see what content is most popular and therefore considered the best of what you have to offer.

In addition to using these types of plugins to decrease bounce rate, your site needs to have high quality content. According to the reports on Google’s search engine ranking tactics for 2015, the search giant favors content which averages 1000 words and links to authority sites as well as is of high quality, preferably native English speaking writing.

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