5 New Technologies That Will Change The Way You Live

Technology has a way of impacting every aspect of our life, mostly for the better. Almost every other day a new technology or new gadget will come out that makes life just a little easier and that much more enjoyable.

5 New Technologies That Will Change The Way You Live

As we and the objects around us become smarter and more connected, the possibilities are endless.

Here is a quick look at 5 new technologies that will change the way you live.

1. The window cleaning robot – Winbot

Automatic or robotic vacuum cleaners, such as the popular Roomba have been around for a while, and they are great.

One chore I really hate, and I am sure I am not alone, is cleaning windows. Well finally that has been successfully automated too, thanks to Winbot. Made by Ecovacs, the Winbot effortlessly cleans your windows while you sit and relax. It is fully automatic and robotic. Simply attach it to the window and remotely tell it to get to work. It is especially useful for those high, hard to reach spots.

2. Nespresso Prodigio smart coffee brewer

Coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures and now, technology has made it even easier and more convenient to enjoy your favourite brew. This smart coffee brewer can be controlled through your phone, using Bluetooth technology and a crafty app.

Nespresso coffee capsules have taken the market by storm and for good reason. Now you can instruct the machine and get your cup ready from the comfort of your bed. Tell it start making your blend to your exact specifications or set a timer. This smart machine will even let you know when the water is running low.

For something a bit more indulgent, attach a milk frother and you can enjoy macchiatos or lattes.

Waking up has never been this good.

3. Wireless charging technology

We all know the frustrations of charger cables. First, you can never find them or reach them then they always break. Wireless technology has been around for a while now but is starting to catch on and is making great progress. It is available for a wide range of electronic devices.

Morphie make a great wireless charger for your iPhone, The Juice Pack Wireless. You can use your phone as needed and as soon as you put it back on the charging base, it automatically resumes charging. No hassle or fiddling about. It also has a magnetic dock to use in the car.

Many newer phone models are coming out with built-in wireless charging technology. All that is necessary then is the appropriate wireless base.

Check out sites such as the Electric Rider for other cool ideas.

4. Automatic Wi-Fi re-setter – ResetPlug

Some ideas are so simple and practical you wonder why they have not been around for years. We all know how often Wi-Fi routers simply loose signal and need to be reset. Sometimes you are not even close to the router. Well the handy ResetPlug will solve that problem for you.

All you do is plug your Wi-Fi router into the ResetPlug and as soon as it sees a drop in connection, it automatically resets, restoring (hopefully) your connection. Simple yet effective, especially as more and more gadgets are running off your router.

5. Amazon Echo

Definitely one of my favourite gadgets to come out recently, the Amazon Echo will make controlling the multiple devices in your home a breeze. Essentially a brilliant Bluetooth speaker, it can do so much more. Apart from playing your favourite music, it can also read you a book, take notes, tell you the weather, and control a wide number of other Bluetooth devices in your home, all by voice command.

Some of these are nice to have, some are almost essential. However, you look at them, they are certainly making life easier. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Pretty soon, you might never have to leave the couch.

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