5 Benefits Of Selling Your Old Smartphone

Whether you are using an android or an iPhone, upgrades in the operating system keep happening. And no matter how advanced your phone may be and how good it is at software upgrades, it just cannot compete with the new version that is introduced by the company. Who wouldn’t want a newer generation Smartphone if you can get it easily? We know we would. But before you purchase a shining new iPhone or android, what you’ve got to do is sell your existing one. To help you out, here we have the few benefits of selling your old Smartphone.

5 Benefits Of Selling Your Old Smartphone

1. It still holds value

You might think that your old iPhone does not hold any value anymore, that it will not fetch you enough money if you were to sell it after a year or two, then think again. Your phone holds much more value than you would imagine it does. No matter how old your iPhone is, there is always someone looking to buy it from you. Your phone can have outdated software and it possibly can’t be upgraded any further, but you wouldn’t believe the fact that people still do want to purchase it. You might feel it is worthless, but there are many uses of it that you can find if you read further.

2. Replacement of broken parts gets easier

Your phone has parts that you might not even know of, which are still in working condition. People who repair phones mostly require parts to be replaced, and if your phone possesses that part, then it certainly holds value. Another phone owner can replace the broken part of their phone with the working one of your phone, so it involuntarily adds more significance to your phone anyway. There are many people looking for the right parts, and your phone might just come in handy.

3. You can get new accessories

If you sell your old phone, you can use that money to buy new and cool accessories for your new phone. For example, you can purchase interesting earphones, phone covers, back covers, Bluetooth etc. that you would find great use of. How amazing would it be to add shiny new accessories to your phone that would make it look even more attractive and eye-catching? So go ahead and stroll through those thousands of striking earphones and Bluetooth devices that you can add to your new phone.

4. No E-waste

E-waste is a major cause of environmental pollution. It causes significant damage to your surrounding and you don’t even realize it at times. E-waste management has become really important these days and it should really be taken care of. One should contribute to the environment as best one can, and what better way than to sell your old phone instead of throwing it in the trash? This way you can take a small step towards saving the environment, and someone will benefit with your phone as well. They can make use of it for their purposes instead of it being thrown away.

5. Get a better phone

Along with the fact that you won’t have a spare phone lying around the house, selling it also entails that you buy a new and better one that will benefit you. A better phone means better software and advanced technology. You can enjoy new upgrades at your fingertips and flaunt your stylish new phone along with all of those accessories that you already purchased. It also entails that happy feeling when you unwrap your new phone! You don’t want to miss that, now, do you? So go right ahead and find your advanced new phone and sell the old one.

So whenever you end up wondering, ‘what is my iPhone 5 worth?’ refer to these points above and you’ll know why you should be selling it and buying a new one in the first place.

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