4 Types Of Content To Include On Your Website

Your website just went live and you have a great website designer on retainer to create a great website for you. That’s a great first step, but it is by no means the only step. Now you need to create compelling content that will bring people to the site and keep them there. Here are some ideas for dynamic and compelling content that will get people interested in your website and what you have to say.

4 Types Of Content To Include On Your Website

Buying Guides

Producing buying guides on your website is a great tool for your users. If you’re a business owner selling certain products online, having a buying guide for a beginner user of your product can be immensely useful. Teach your customers how to shop for the items that you’re selling and what to look for in a retailer. This can be a good way to promote your business or brand and your industry while providing a credible tool for your users.


Checklists are a great way to bring people in and give a lot of really useful information that is easily scanned and skimmed through. Think of titles such as “20 Items You Must Keep in Your Emergency Car Kit” and “10 Things to Do Before Going on Vacation.” These are useful resources for your users and are easy to come up with a lot of ideas quickly.

How-to Articles

Sharing articles on your website that teach your users to do something pertaining to your business or brand is a great way to build credibility, promote your products or services, and provide a resource to your current and prospective customers. For starters, you can write how-to articles on how to use your products and services and how to find them.


The word listicle is just a combination of the words article and list, and these are extremely popular on the web. Create a compelling title, such as “10 Ways to Dress Up Your French Fries” or “15 People Who Have No Concept of Fashion” to draw people in. The number is essential because it creates the notion in people’s minds that the list will be easy to skim through.

Creating content that brings users to your website and encourages them to take action—call your company, sign up for a webinar, order a white paper, or buy a product—often seems quite difficult. However, with the right content and the right web design and hosting, you’ll be on your way to increasing revenue as your users are able to interact with your website more.