4 Best Free PC Optimization Software

Your programs in your system are struggling to start and slow loading webpages, You feel that your slow computer? Your hard drive is probably overloaded due to the accumulation of thousands of temporary or more used files, generated during your daily activities: downloads, software installation, web browsing, etc. If you want a faster system, free software will help you eliminate obsolete files and unnecessary programs, to sort your files, clean the registry, etc. As many essential operations for the security of your hard disk and the PC user comfort.


4 Best Free PC Optimization Software

Clean traces of Internet browsing and unnecessary system files , CCleaner free to download – get clean now! CCleaner removes unused files from your system and removes all traces of your Web browsing history, cookies, cache, temporary files, etc. This essential optimization utility supports on all major web browsers – Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, All of these utilities claim to be able to purge junk data from a system and improve performance.

PC Decrapifier

4 Best Free PC Optimization Software

Is your PC running slowly? The purchase of a new PC should guarantee a clean system of all programs, but new PCs often come with LOTS of pre-installed software and unwanted files on their machines. To effectively get rid of these native elements, remember to use portable application PC Decrapifier. Once launched, the application scans your hard drive and makes a list of programs to be deleted. Note that the application is based on an intelligent algorithm and giving you recommendations on what to remove. You are therefore expressly alerted items to delete safely, and those to handle with caution. And if despite all these precautions you make a false manipulation, offers PC Decrapifier automatically configure restore points to recover data erased by mistake.

Duplicate Cleaner

4 Best Free PC Optimization Software

Duplicate Cleaner helps you for removing unnecessary or copied files in bulk and performs a careful review of your hard disks and generates a list of duplicate files. This software does not merely compare file names but also their content, creation date, modification date and size, Duplicate Cleaner supports on all types of files. Documents, photos, music, ZIP, etc. Searches can be oriented in a particular medium – local disk or network, external drive, specified paths, etc. – And filtered according to several criteria: file extension, size, date, etc. Once detected duplicates for you to choose the operation to perform: delete, move, copy or name .


4 Best Free PC Optimization Software3

With WinDirStat graphically visualize the use of your drives to detect files. Directory list, Treemap and Extension list views so you can view your files the way you want, The software allows you to view an entire media or just a particular folder. Each colored rectangle represents the form element and provides a variety of information: percentage of occupation of space, size, attribute, number of subfolders and files, date of last modification, etc.

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